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Transitioning from the military to civilian workforce


We are pleased to bring you a guest blog post from the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University with a testimonial by one of their program participants. The IVMF is using Skillsoft’s content to advance the lives of U.S. military veterans and their families. The IT Skills & Certification and Business Skills & Leadership Training content equip service members, veterans and their families with the skills they need to be successful in business ownership, their careers and life.

By Lee Moreland

How do you feel the certificate program has benefitted you as opposed to a college education in a similar field?

Like many transitioning veterans with families, I couldn’t afford to be unemployed for an extended period. Before I even left the service, IVMF provided me the employment training to obtain a certificate quicker than the college admittance process with an immediate improvement to my resume and then direct connections to employers who were hiring.

Were there specific skills you learned during your service that led you to choose this particular career path?

Yes, and that matching is an intentional part of the IVMF process. As an Army Signal Officer, I was responsible for nearly every IT domain: servers, radios, satellites, networks, security, and governance – you name it. Most IT positions in the civilian field are specialized within a specific domain, but my Program Manager role at Starbucks gives me the ability to operate across all areas of IT. The learning pathways from the IVMF program gave me not only additional technical knowledge and built on my military experience, but it helped me understand what to expect in the industry which helps to smooth the transition from military to civilian life. Learning from people who focus only on getting veterans employed certainly is a big support.

What advice would you give to veterans hoping to pursue a civilian career through a certificate or certification program?

My advice is to wisely pursue certificates that paint a connection between your military skills and the skills required by civilian employers. The wide selection of certificates provided by the IVMF program enables transitioning service members as well as veterans to demonstrate the value they bring to any civilian employer. Getting your certification before you transition, makes things go a lot more smoothly. Also, whether you are located near a base or learning through online coursework, IVMF helps you learn additional skills for a career but also makes you see the whole picture of job searches – resume building, networking, negotiation tactics, culture and even organizational structures in companies. Things I never really thought of ahead of time. The certificate program helps you focus on a new way of life and a new career at the same time.

Learn more about how the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University uses Skillsoft’s content by reading our recent press release and case study.

Lee Moreland is a veteran of the U.S. Army and a graduate of Syracuse University’s Veterans Career Transition Program.


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