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By Richard Hensler

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

In April of last year, my colleagues and I went to Vegas to attend the Partner Summit at Perspectives, Skillsoft’s annual conference. As a new business, those few days in the company of our peers and experts from the world of corporate learning turned out to be full of perfect opportunities and such was the value of the experience, we are most definitely returning to Vegas this year.

We came away from the conference better informed, our brains on fire with all the incredible information, guidance and insights that we could apply to our business as Skillsoft Channel Partners.

We met tons of people, had great conversations with them and were introduced to new members of the Skillsoft team. This was especially beneficial because these people had specific expertise that enabled us to significantly grow our channel partner support tools.

We’ve enjoyed steady growth this past year, and while there are many factors contributing to this success, I do believe that what we learned at Perspectives has been hugely influential in contributing to this growth. We target a very particular industry, but at the conference, we heard about a number of ways and ideas we could move into a “Phase 2”, ideas we are able to put to use to target other niche markets in ways similar to our current business.

I also believe that just being in the company of other people facing similar challenges was a huge part of our success. The Partner Summit- time and resources allocated for channel partners only- meant we got to spend time with experts giving us sound advice that we could take away and apply to our business. And we got to spend some invaluable time during one-on-one meetings with peers that again left us with tons of great insights and real-world stories to take home and apply.

Actually, that’s one of the main reasons I’m so looking forward to returning to Vegas this year. While it was great to talk and listen to a whole plethora of experts, now that we have a year under our belts, we want to be a little more selective and only attend those sessions that directly can impact us. Doing that once again will allow us to return home and expand our business in new directions.

When you start a business, it can be all too easy to become so absorbed and consumed by a single vision of how things should be. That is why it is so important to step outside this narrow box and get exposure to new ways to look at your business, to hear about new and creative initiatives that will help you thrive and expand.

Perspectives (and specifically for us, the Partner Summit) is the place where this happens.

Hope to see you there.

Richard Hensler is the Chief Executive Officer of Technology Certifications, a Skillsoft Channel Partner and a leader in online IT training.

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