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How To Design L&D Programs That Meet the Modern Learner’s Expectations.

How To Design L&D Programs That Meet the Modern Learner’s Expectations

By Trish Burridge

Laura Overton, CEO of Towards Maturity, recent post highlighted some of the key findings of their recent report, sponsored by Skillsoft, that delved into the workplace to determine what learners actually want from L&D offerings.

I want to add to what Laura said because we should not underestimate the power, or the potential, this information holds.

Think about it.

How often do you wonder about the person actually using the L&D opportunities at their place of employment? How much do you know about them?  Do you know their learning preferences, what they think of the material they are required to learn, or even how they learn best?

I believe that we should know something about your intended audience; in fact, I’d go so far as to say we should know everything we can and then we should use this to design and create learning programmes that might genuinely interest and engage learners.

The benefits of knowing, say for example, that 46% of learners believe generic online learning is not sufficiently tailored to their needs, or that 40% think there is a lack of high-quality digital content to support their business goals, are immense and just part of an incredible new report from Towards Maturity, sponsored by Skillsoft.

Titled ‘Modern Learning Content for Modern Workers’, the report explores what learners really want from digital learning content – which, for many, is in stark contrast to what they actually receive and will, we believe, help L&D professionals review and modernise their learning content.

Knowing what learners want is part of the report, but we also wanted to discover what it is that makes some companies excel in their learning efforts. To answer this, the report also focuses on those organisations with successful L&D programmes and examines what it is these organisations do to achieve such outstanding results.  For this, we looked at everything from the characteristics of content strategies that work, where to get content that works and then how to deliver a great learning experience.

To share these insights, Laura Overton, Towards Maturity’s CEO hosted a webinar: Modern learning content for modern workers, which is now available here.

To read the report itself – click here.

Trish Burridge is the Director of Consulting Services, EMEA, Skillsoft.

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