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Percipio: A “Human Intelligent” Learning Platform

By Apratim Purakayastha

Earlier this year Josh Bersin examined in detail the recent changes to the world of corporate learning. Given the sheer size of the industry – the corporate L&D industry is over $140 billion in size, while the marketplace for college degrees, professional development, and secondary education around the world is around $300 billion – the stakes are high and anyone involved in the industry must not only recognize, but also respect the ways it is radically transforming.

Technology is perhaps its biggest disrupter and such is the impact of technology on our industry that Bersin even suggests we switch from corporate learning to “Digital Learning”.   He then defines this as meaning “bringing learning to where employees are and that believes it is a “way of learning” rather than a “type of learning.”

If he is correct, and many consider him to be, it is therefore incumbent upon those of us working in the industry to respond accordingly. To change our services and technology to accurately reflect this new paradigm.

This resonated with us, and me in particular, as for a number of years now I have advocated for a system of learning that works with its learners rather than systems that are at odds or out of sync with how people really learn.  It is why we developed Percipio, our intelligent learning platform that offers a unique learning experience and was methodically designed with the learner at its core.

We combined 15+ year of experience mapping content to competencies for our client with human intelligence, an inbuilt organizational intelligence that is embodied in Percipio’s out of the box curation. Percipio’s curation is kept current by constantly adapting and adjusting with the continuous competency mapping requests we get from hundreds of clients.

Aware that bite-size, micro-learning in small doses has better retention by the human brain, we gave Percipio over 500,000 micro learning assets.

We also now know that people learn through using a variety of different modalities. Percipio intuitively and seamlessly crosses between modalities and organizes multi-modal content in logical learning paths.

When looking online for anything, people don’t typically follow a particular, or the most obvious, pattern. This very ‘human’ behavior can present a challenge to both L&D and program designs, but Percipio anticipates this and almost imitates the unpredictable, curious human brain.  Its search mechanism is continuously refined based on a combination of keyword matching and user behavior; search results are also based on full text indexing and not just metadata only. We also wanted that when people were searching s topic or title, the results were produced very quickly. Furthermore, Percipio works with both broad and narrow search terms, producing matches like a full learning path under a broad term or a three-minute video with a narrow one.

Research by Donald Taylor, a leading L&D analyst, pinpoints the topic of personalization as the main area of growth in the future. Percipio offers it now. Highly personalized, it knows where you left off, captures your state across devices, from smartphone to laptop; it provides interest-based recommendations and because it rates content, heavily utilized or popular topics, sources and subjects that will resonant to each specific learner are highlighted.

Now, and this is where things get really interesting, all of this is Percipio today. But Percipio is designed to change and adapt as we change and adapt.  It is structured as microservices, to allow new algorithms to be plugged in an extensible manner.  In the near future, Percipio will

  • Refine its search to behaviors to understand patterns in an organization
  • Track individual and collective user behavior and make recommendations
  • Map job roles and competencies in an organization to dynamic development paths
  • Provide actionable  insight to learning administrators to increase utilization of learning assets
  • Make curation more dynamic based organization’s use pattern

Percipio, our intelligent learning platform, is using technology to mirror our most innate human desire to learn and progress.  And that is perhaps the greatest disruption of all.

Apratim Purakayastha is the Chief Technology Officer at Skillsoft.

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