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Why We Celebrate Innovators

By Kelley Noblet

The word innovate has Latin origins and means to renew, or refer to the introduction of something new, to make changes to what’s already established. It’s a small word that can have a huge impact with far reaching consequences. Think of past innovations – the wheel, the telephone and how they altered forever the way we live or conduct business.

Not all innovations so dramatically change the course of humankind, but the influence of innovation is always felt and such is the importance of consistently introducing new ideas or procedures, that we honor it with our annual Innovation Awards.

I am fortunate enough to be involved with the awards and I consider it to be a gratifying part of my job when we celebrate these examples of excellence, of people who have inspired and led transformations within their organization’s corporate learning and talent management worlds. I love that deep sense of satisfaction of knowing that someone’s hard work and commitment has been so markedly acknowledged.

To ensure we afford this opportunity to all those involved with us, we offer five categories, all of which are open to both Skillsoft and SumTotal customers barring the Compliance and Ethics category, which applies only to Skillsoft customers. To recognize our Skillsoft and SumTotal channel partners, we offer a dedicated category to recognize their achievements.


  • Talent Development Champion of the Year
  • Program of the Year
  • Thinking Big: Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)
  • Compliance and Ethics Excellence
  • Creating an Impact
  • Channel Partner of the Year

Once all submissions are received, they are then handed over to a panel of judges, which includes Skillsoft and SumTotal subject-matter-experts, along with industry experts, analysts, journalists, who will then evaluate all nominations and select the award recipients.

Apart from the personal honor that winning bestows, there is the peer recognition that these accolades earn for organizations; firmly establishing and promoting these organizations as making strides, looking to the future and embracing change and the possibilities that brings.

I encourage everyone to take a moment and reflect on the past year, on what programs or procedural change has been implemented that resulted in profound and powerful change.

Customer applications will be considered for all categories, with the exception of the Talent Development Champion of the year category, which is opt-in only.

The deadline for all submissions is January 16, 2018.

We look forward to receiving applications from our customers and partners.

Kelley Noblet is a Marketing Manager for Skillsoft.

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