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What Does SB 396 Mean For Employers?

What Does SB 396 Mean For Employers?

As of January 1, 2018, all California employers will need to post a “Transgender Rights in the Workplace” as directed by SB 396.

The poster, developed by Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), must be displayed along with other mandatory workplace notices in a prominent and accessible area, such as a cafeteria or meeting room.Read more

Figuring Out What Cloud Solution Is Best For Your Organization

Figuring out what Cloud solution is best for your organization

In the last eight years, the “Clouds” have been rolling in. With the introduction and adoption of virtualized hardware, and with businesses shifting models to offer architecture and computing services, the landscape for professionals in networking, system administration and software development has changed significantly.  Read more

How Do You Make Your Employees Safe?

By John Arendes

A recent EEOC Select Task Force on the study of Harassment in the Workplace is an extensive look inside what are often tawdry, offensive, unfair and hurtful work environments.  It serves many purposes, one of which reminds us that the recent rash of very public situations of harassment are neither unique nor confined to ‘men of power’; workplace harassment is, in fact, endemic, pervasive and nothing new.Read more