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It’s International Women’s Day!

It's International Women's Day 2018

By Greg Porto

We are going to hear from many business and thought leaders today and throughout the month of March, raising awareness regarding gender diversity and inclusiveness, and the importance of a gender parity mindset.  Let’s take this time to understand the objectives of the #PressforProgress initiative, and to engage in a dialogue about the incredibly important issue of gender parity in the workplace.

Gender parity is an important issue to me, both professionally and personally.  Workplace diversity has enriched my professional perspective and I have no doubt that this enriched perspective leads to more informed decision making and better corporate outcomes. On a personal note, I have a daughter who works hard, dreams big, has strong opinions, is passionate about her interests and has big plans for her future.  I think about her future, and wonder how she will be received when she joins the workforce.  What progress will we have made?  Will she have the same opportunities as her male peers?  Will her strength and passion be embraced?

As the Chief People Officer of Skillsoft, I have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to help shape a culture that is inclusive and supports every member of our organization.  Developing this culture with a gender parity mindset is critical.  Our organization, and every organization, must not only support the inclusion of women in corporate leadership, but also ensure that women are confident in their ability to become leaders.  Together, we can challenge the status quo, and not just facilitate change, but demand it.

I am proud that we have made meaningful progress with respect to women in leadership positions at Skillsoft during our transformation.  Women now represent 27% of our senior leadership team versus 9% prior to beginning our transformation.  However, there is still much work to do to get to gender parity.  We note that today, our Skillsoft global population is 37% female.  As we move forward with the goal of gender parity in mind, we intend to work with our global teams to identify candidates that bring a broad range of perspectives and ideas to our workforce so that we can better serve and understand our global audience and continue to add tremendous value to our customers.

As we continue to evolve our culture, gender diversity and the gender parity mindset will be a critical focus, so we celebrate International Women’s Day and all that it seeks to accomplish.



Greg Porto is the Chief People Officer at Skillsoft.

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