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Skillsoft Partners – Time For A New Perspective On Our Global Partner Program

By Dan Cleveland

“Nothing endures but change” – Heraclitus

This sentiment may have been voiced originally in Ancient Greece almost 2,000 years ago, but I found myself saying it with increasing regularity over the past two years as Skillsoft underwent huge and frequent change – new management, new products… a new Skillsoft!

The beauty of change is that it brings opportunity, which in our case resulted in a re-imagining of what the partner ecosystem means to Skillsoft and our partners worldwide.

First, a little background.

Did you know that over 75% of products and services sales happen indirectly through channels and distribution? It’s a symbiotic relationship — channels provide vendors the access to markets that only partners can serve, while partners supply the opportunity to discover both new solutions that differentiate them from competitors, and revenue streams that contribute to their bottom lines.

How are we re-imagining the Global Partner Program?

The transformation of the L&D industry and the changes within Skillsoft itself, particularly with market-changing products like Percipio, provide the catalyst for how the role of our partners evolves. Our challenge is to provide the vision and solutions that address our mutual customers’ need for success.

Partners must know the answers to:

  • What unique Skillsoft content fits in your portfolio?
  • How does user-experience drive customers to you?
  • How to wrap services around Skillsoft products to deliver greater value?

Well, you will. Now.

We are re-assessing how we drive rapid growth, and it’s time partners come inside the kimono — all the time, every time. Partners are part of the strategic fabric of Skillsoft, an extension of the family. We are confident the way we support partners in our re-imagined Global Partner Program will enable you, and us, to grow together.


For starters, we just launched a brand new Global Partner Portal, providing the tools and resources to accelerate partner success. With more compelling features planned, like customizable marketing collateral, we are razor-focused on making it easy for you to do business with Skillsoft around the world.

But there’s so much more, and we plan to use the Partner Summit at Perspectives 2018 to kick everything else off. Remember this is time dedicated to Skillsoft partners and offers invaluable insight and real-world stories to maximize the learning opportunity. If you’ve not yet registered, I encourage you to do so today – spaces are filling up rapidly, and you don’t want to miss this awesome event!

Educate, Engage, Enable…EMPOWER. That’s the re-imagined Skillsoft Global Partner Program.

Dan Cleveland is the VP of Partners & Alliances at Skillsoft.


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