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Introducing Percipio Compliance: A Completely New and Engaging Learning Experience

By Norm Ford

I’m not a particularly excitable person – but a few months back when I first heard the conversation around adding our Compliance solutions to Percipio, Skillsoft’s award-winning intelligent learning platform, I was pleased, if not positively exhilarated.

This move is a significant departure for compliance training; it takes it out of a vacuum and places it firmly at the core of every organization’s learning strategy.

Why is this important?

The reason this is huge, and why I am so thrilled it is happening, is that the placing of compliance training, alongside leadership and business skills and delivering them all most effectively for today’s learner is critical for establishing a company culture that values people while simultaneously improving business performance.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it – when organizations view compliance as integral and not as a check-the-box exercise, everyone wins. Recent news headlines further demonstrate the absolute need for strong ethical leadership, for a moral and ethical code that is mirrored throughout the entire workplace by employees and C-Suite alike.

Compliance training is typically mandatory, which has resulted in a certain attitude towards the material, a sense of dread or “having to do it” rather than “wanting or choosing to do it.” In the past, the training itself was often presented in a tedious or rather unengaging manner, further making it less appealing.

Percipio changes this and makes compliance learning enjoyable and engaging. Here’s how it will do this.

For learners, Percipio Compliance provides:

User-centric Design – Each employee/learner gets a personalized activity feed showing their recent activity, their training assignments, including new assignments, recent course launches and prior completions.

Flexible Assignment – Employees/learners can choose either one-time-only or recurring options for online training events for any assignment. They can also be set to recur by last completion date or due date, with intervals determined by the administrator.

Curated Content – Now each learner will have access to their compliance training alongside other curated content such as digital skills and leadership training, giving a more holistic learning experience.

Percipio Compliance also makes the management of compliance training less of a headache for administrators. For example, the new solution features:

Powerful Tracking and In-Depth Reporting – Comprehensive filtering and data export options will support a wide selection of compliance reporting needs. Administrators can run reports for multiple groups or individual employees for an instant view of status and training progress. Additionally, administrators can also create and save customized reports and configure emails to run automatically at defined intervals, with training results sent to line managers or supervisors to help drive training completions.

Training Groups – Administrators can assign training to individual users or defined user groups, which they can create based on demographics such as job role, corporate division or geographic location.

Records Management – Administrators can track users’ access to and completion of assigned courses while maintaining a complete training history for each user over time. Both users and administrators can access a total view of an individual’s training history, including recurring assignments.

Percipio’s transformative powers have won it recognition and awards from industry leaders.

“We’re delighted to recognize companies with our Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology Awards who are driving advancement in learning technology,” said Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and HCM Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group. “By launching Percipio, Skillsoft has shown a real commitment and contribution to the field of learning and talent management. We’re proud to offer them this award as an acknowledgment of their breakthrough learner experience platform.”

This appreciation, plus my own experience with Percipio and my many years of working in compliance, is why I am so confident that this move is a huge step forward in the right direction.

Learn more about the power of Percipio Compliance.

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