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Preparing the Workforce to be Digitally Dexterous

Workforce - Digital Dexterity

By Heide Abelli

We’re thrilled with the recent release of our new Digital Transformation collection. We recognize that today’s workforces must be digitally “enabled” to help their organizations succeed – and building employees’ knowledge base and skillsets are key to enablement. This means providing the workforce with a better understanding of relevant digital era technologies, concepts, competencies and practices. Companies that succeed in digital business develop human talent that has the critical blend of technology and business competencies.

Any lack of alignment of digital initiatives to business objectives and human capital capabilities threatens to become a barrier to delivering on the digital promise both to customers and to the growth ambitions executives have for digital.  Operationalizing the vision requires readying the human capital.  That’s why expertly navigating the shift to a digital-ready talent base is one of the most significant challenges facing organizations today, and we’re eager to help organizations take this challenge head-on.

I’ll take one simple example.  We recently released a video-based course which is curated into our channel on Lean Product Management in the Digital Transformation for the Business collection.  Transforming a business in the fast-moving digital economy requires experimentation and failing fast. The lean product management approach helps businesses succeed at this. Organizations using lean PM methodology launch innovative customer solutions quickly and rapidly reinvent business processes to be operationally excellent and agile. Cultural change is required to ensure engrained practices in product management and development processes don’t prevent new thinking. Helping change the culture by educating the collective workforce on lean product management process, for example, will be key to enablement.

Sample screen shot from Digital Transformation course titled,

“Innovating with Lean Product Management”

This is but one example of a methodology that is part of the new Digital Transformation for the Business collection set of competencies.  It’s really critical to arm the workforce with education in methodologies like agile, practices like lean product management, competencies like cognitive flexibility and technical foundational knowledge-building like on the topic of machine learning — all of which are required to execute as a digital business. The capabilities cut across IT and business resources to bring together the collective set required to develop, build, operate, market, sell and deliver new digital products, solutions and services.

Skillsoft’s Digital Transformation collection is a targeted, highly impactful suite of multi-modal learning assets.  This exciting new collection can help organizations in all industries provide their workforces with effective training in fundamental digital transformation concepts, in a scalable and affordable way. This collection includes a 40+ course portfolio of engaging video-based training content, across seven digital transformation competency areas including essentials of digital transformation, digital experiences, data science, agility for digital transformation, digital marketing and communications, virtual work, and digital competencies. These state-of-the-art video-based courses are designed to facilitate micro-learning and were developed leveraging the latest research in adult learning science.  The program contains close to 200 content assets and we are adding new content weekly.

It’s partially in the hands of L&D leaders to make digital business a practical reality because realizing the value of a great digital business vision requires the hard work of building and developing the right human capabilities.

Learn more about Skillsoft’s new Digital Transformation collection in this short video.

Heide Abelli is the SVP, Content Product Management at Skillsoft.

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