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Discover Skillsoft’s Digital Transformation Course Collection

Discover Skillsoft’s Digital Transformation Course Collection

The topic of Digital Transformation is one I’ve addressed previously on this Blog in two pieces I’ve written: Preparing the Workforce to be Digitally Dexterous and Digital Transformation- Are you Ready?  The truth is that making digital business a practical reality is easier said than done. New products and services must be brought to market through innovative business models that provide for new customer experiences in a digital world. The right operational, technology and human capabilities must be in place to support the creation of these new business models.

Business success in a digital world also requires a workforce that takes full advantage not only of existing digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things, but also of brand new technologies, in order to rethink all aspects of a product or service and optimize and reinvent business processes.  Transforming the business in the fast-moving digital world also requires new methodologies like design thinking, new processes like agile, and new mindsets like rapid experimentation and failing-fast.

Companies need to have the human capital, with the right sets of capabilities, in place to execute as a digital business. These capabilities cannot reside exclusively in the IT function but must be pollinated across the organization to bring together the collective set of capabilities required to design, develop and operate the digital business.  Human capital readiness for digital should be paramount for every enterprise.  And yet, even those who might consider themselves to be tech-savvy can quickly fall behind the learning curve.  Keeping up with digital transformation requires continuous learning and readiness for constant change.

That’s where Skillsoft can help.

I’m delighted to announce the general availability of Skillsoft’s Digital Transformation Collection.  Organizations now have access to the full portfolio of video-based courses designed with the primary goal of helping HR and L&D functions ready their organizations’ workforces to tackle the challenges of digital business head on.

This comprehensive solution is divided into seven overall competency areas:

  • Agility for Digital Transformation
  • Data Science
  • Digital Competencies
  • Digital Experiences
  • Digital Marketing & Communications
  • Essentials of Digital Transformation
  • Virtual Work

The breadth and depth of the content ensure learners receive a solid foundation in key digital transformation concepts, methodologies, and technologies.

We’ve also incorporated design features in the content experience which draw upon the latest in brain science research to create a more engaging learning experience and increase retention rates.

We made sure to extend the opportunities for learning by making content assets available in a variety of formats so that in addition to watching a video-based course, learners can read a book or book summary and listen to an audiobook. It is also possible to customize a program to suit any organization’s specific digital business requirements. In short, we’ve gone the extra step to ensure employees are guided and directed whether they are taking their first few steps or continuing their journeys along the digital business development pathway.

An example of a digital technology that is covered in the Digital Transformation Collection is blockchain.  To check out this new microlearning course watch the sample video clips on “How Blockchain Changes the Game” and “Verifying Block Chain Transactions” from the course “How Blockchain Technology is Changing Business.”

“Digital transformation is a broad and deep new approach that needs a focus on reinvention of competencies and skills regardless of level, function or industry. Skillsoft is delivering needed clarity for many of the topics under the digital umbrella.”

Jim Sinur, Vice President of Research and Aragon Fellow, Aragon Research


Heide Abelli is SVP of Content Product Management at Skillsoft.

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