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Transforming Learning in The Digital Age

EMEA Skillsoft Perspectives 2018

Ahead of his keynote at EMEA Perspectives, David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR Analyst, talks about why learning holds the key to successful digital transformation.

There’s no doubt that digital transformation is something everyone is talking about at the moment. And whilst it’s easy to focus on the technology involved, ultimately any successful digital transformation is about people. Your people are at the heart of ensuring your organisation remains competitive today, and ready to tackle the future world of work tomorrow.

Success is about ensuring people are ready for the change that comes with any transformation project. And it is learning that will help to shift their mindsets to engage with new technologies and processes, and master the new skills they need going forwards. Thinking too narrowly about how we transform learning itself is a mistake. Simply replacing traditional training methods and streamlining processes with digital learning is not enough. L&D has to think about the bigger picture of business performance and engagement, as well as efficiency and cost.

This repositioning however, is easier said than done. There’s no slow down in the volume of ‘business as usual’ learning requirements across every organisation. And it is easy to get caught up in the delivery of training and courses. Finding the time to step back and rethink what L&D is there for, as well as how it operates can be challenging. But the alignment with broader digital business transformation is key. And that means rethinking L&D’s role and the strategy, content, tools and technologies you use to engage learners, change their behaviours and drive performance for the wider organisation.

Digital learning represents a huge opportunity to tackle this. But it’s important not to get sidetracked with shiny new technology like Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) or think that everything can be automated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for example. These and other tools might well form part of your armoury, but shifting to a more strategic and transformative way of thinking about L&D is what makes it pivotal to your organisation’s success.

I’m looking forward to sharing Fosway’s latest research and insights on how to make this transformation of learning a reality based on useful data and practical insights at Perspectives later this month.

You can see David speak at EMEA Perspectives later this month or contact him via @dwil23.


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