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New Business Skills Course Collection: A Contemporary Learning Experience for Modern Learners

New Business Skills Course Collection: A Contemporary Learning Experience for Modern Learners

The effective execution of business goals and strategies is mission critical for every organization. And yet, why do so many organizations fail in this?

Most often it stems from one of three things:

  • A breakdown in interpersonal relationships (communication or motivation, for example)
  • Failure to understanding (problem-solving or business acumen, for example)
  • Failure of competence (project management or negotiation skills, for example)

In short – the failure is a result of an employee lacking key business skills and competencies.

The good news is that employees can dramatically improve if they have access to high-quality business skills development content in three critical areas of development:  interpersonal (collaboration and teamwork for example), intellectual (critical thinking and decision making) and communication (listening and speaking.)

The even better news is that Skillsoft’s Business Skills collection offers the most comprehensive and robust topical coverage in the industry across all three areas.

Making learning stick

Content alone cannot improve performance, it must be retained and what is learned must be applied on the job.  At Skillsoft, we are all about learning outcomes which is why we develop our eLearning content by integrating best practice approaches from adult learning science and brain research with our own internal expertise. It also means we are constantly testing, re-testing and refining our hypotheses about how individuals in the workplace can learn most effectively to ensure we are continuously improving our instructional strategies. We realize that we must capitalize on all the benefits that systematic collection and analysis of data from the largest learner database in the industry can provide.

In a nutshell, we develop the most impactful eLearning content because of a highly differentiated trifecta of 1) unparalleled access to and analysis of data 2) state-of-the-art instructional design strategies based on leading-edge, proprietary research and 3) time-tested instructional design principles acquired from scaling a learning curve based on decades of experience in the eLearning space.

 And we are continually evolving and modernizing our instructional strategies and techniques.

Our latest evolution in content consists of a few key innovations. 

#1 We’ve designed our content for the non-linear mind of the modern learner.  Learners want short, often disjointed, overlapping bursts of content, not linear, rigidly sequenced and “complete” content experiences.  All of Skillsoft’s Business Skills content takes the form of 3-5 minute micro-videos embedded within 30-minute courses. Technology-enabled, single concept learning can meet the learning needs associated with particular workplace problems and challenges.

#2 We’ve created content that makes the learning experience an engaging one, resulting in an efficiency in the learning acquisition process, and which leads to higher utilization of the learning content.  We use a data-driven mix of content design approaches in our courses to meet these needs. The intentional design approaches are learner-centric and constructed to engage both sides of the brain by fostering a linkage between emotion and cognition. The message and the medium in our course content now work synergistically.

#3 We’ve also moved to developing content that takes more of a “coaching” rather than “training” approach.  The coaching approach represents the first step in eLearning’s progression towards an immersive “personal learning assistant” position.  A coaching approach places more emphasis on highlighting and reinforcing effective practices and approaches, and this is often best achieved through the use of impactful scenario instruction.

This evolution of our content development approach ensures we solve the modern employee’s development needs in highly differentiated ways.  Our instructional strategies and content construction align to 3 specific requirements:

#1 More just-in-time, less just-in-case learning

#2 Active learner engagement through visual, short and relevant content

#3 Content design which unlocks self-directed and specialized learning  

Skillsoft’s Business Skills collection powered by Percipio, our intelligent learning platform, helps employees develop the hard and soft skills they need to thrive in today’s workplace and to help their organizations execute the business goals and strategies necessary for success.

To learn more about our unique instructional strategies, read our instructional design in video courses white paper.

Heide Abelli is SVP of Content Product Management at Skillsoft.

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