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Top tips for Leadership Development in the Digital Age


Top tips for Leadership Development in the Digital Age

In recent years the way organisations look at leadership, and leadership development in particular, has changed. It’s less ad hoc and more strategic with the role of leadership shifting towards a more transformative one. This approach makes sense and given the impact of technology on the workplace, it is more important now that it is management that is proactively seeking to drive the charge as businesses transform and adapt in the digital age.

Or at least that’s the ideal.

The reality appears to be a little less promising.

While the majority of business leaders are planning, testing and implementing digital initiatives, 70% of companies are in progress, and 26% have yet to start.

The key to addressing this imbalance lies with leadership development, yet too often while organisations may pay lip service to the recognised value of leadership training, it is overlooked. According to Chief Executive, insufficient training and development is one of the main reasons why leadership development programmes derail. While 9 out of 10 HR leaders believe that there is a dearth of leadership talent further reinforcing the necessity for developing not only a solid leadership programme, but a pipeline of talent.

The good news is, and there is good news, some organisations are heeding the advice and are systematically developing leaders, continuing to invest in their leadership training and want to share their success stories so others can similarly develop leaders of the future.

On July 19th, Yvon Poland, a Leadership and Management Academy Specialist, with Centrica plc will join Jennie Quinn from Skillsoft and discuss how they approached leadership development within their organisation and the results they achieved.

This webinar will give you the top tips for implementing and running successful leadership programmes from real-world examples. It’s a great opportunity to learn practical and useful information to apply to your business.

To join us simply register here.


Agata Nowakowska is the Area Sales VP UK, Skillsoft EMEA

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