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The 8 Verbs of Content Curation

The 8 Verbs of Content Curation

“Great curators will see around corners, embrace and expose unusual and unexpected themes and sources, and make bold predictions about their passions & beliefs. There’s little room for timid, cautious, slow-moving curators.” – Steven Rosenbaum

eLearning provides learners instant access to phenomenal amounts of content.Read more

Skillsoft’s IT Training Portfolio Helps Organizations Keep Up with Today’s Changing Technology

Companies today are experiencing change on a colossal scale. For some, it is the result of Digital Transformation as they respond and try to differentiate themselves from disruptive competitors that want a share of their business. For others, IT developers needing to update their technology stack or use modern approaches and technology to deliver scalable and secure infrastructure and products for their organization are driving this transition.Read more

Why Providing Continuous Development for Your Workforce is the Key to Future Competitive Advantage

Organizations often publicly state their goals to both optimize and transform their business models using digital technologies and approaches. However, more often than not, progress toward realizing these ambitions is paltry.  Few organizations have successfully scaled their digital initiatives beyond experimentation and piloting.Read more