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How Komatsu, Mercy Health, Corning and Raytheon Use Skillsoft and/or SumTotal for Training


How Komatsu, Mercy Health, Corning and Raytheon Use Skillsoft and/or SumTotal for Training

Aware that not everyone made it to Perspectives, our annual user conference, we selected four customer-led presentations and made them available for everyone. These complimentary webinars are packed with new strategies for developing talent, navigating organizational change and designing personalized dashboards.

Here’s just a snapshot of what you can expect from each session.

Navigating Change: Creating Stability in Times of Flux

Scott Farley, Global Director, Learning & Development, Komatsu Mining Corporation

Scott takes us on a very detailed road trip; a journey that follows his organization, Joy Global, as it transitioned from an organization acquiring others to one that was bought in 2016 by Komatsu. Scott is a firm believer that the role of Talent Management and L&D is to support an organization to enable a successful merger. This is done by leading change management efforts, identifying and addressing leadership gaps, facilitating the sharing of best practices, starting with your team and building a shared talent retention strategy, especially for acquired core competency areas. Scott offers some excellent advice for dealing with opposition to change from either the company acquired or the acquiring organization. Given Scott has experienced both situations, what he says is incredibly valuable. To learn more about Joy Global’s use of Skillsoft prior to the acquisition, read this case study.

Can a Little Pebble Make a Big Splash? Delivering Value with Limited L&D Resources

Stephanie Linde, IT Training Manager, Mercy Health  

Stephanie is the Training Department, so she is an expert in maximizing minimum reserves. Her mission, and remember it’s just her, was to take an under-utilized learning program and make it a highly valued and valuable asset to the organization. And she did. Almost everyone uses the program and development time is now part of employee annual performance appraisals.  How did Stephanie accomplish this? One of the big game changers was getting senior leadership buy-in. Stephanie talks about this and more. To learn more about Mercy Health’s success working with Skillsoft, read this Nucleus Research ROI Case Study.

Harnessing the Power of SumTotal Dashboards and Advanced Reporting

Kevin Hill Principle Consultant, Corning

Kevin’s session is packed with very practical and technical detail about Corning’s 2018 Learning Portal Project, a project aimed at designing a single point of entry to Corning’s learning opportunities for employees. This “front door” had some very particular requirements: individualized, the search box is front and center, quick links, featured promoted learning, assigned /required training, links to major learning initiatives and links to other learning programs. Kevin offers a detailed analysis of whether to select widgets or HTML when designing this portal and provides links to websites for templates and further recommendations about both options. To learn more about Corning’s use of SumTotal, read this press release and case study.

Scalable, Curated Leadership Development

Kimberly Banks, Director of Career and Leadership, Raytheon and John Gifaldi, Consultant, Solution Services, Skillsoft

Kimberly and John discuss how they overcame engagement challenges, the different expectations of learning and development held by the five generations that exist in the workplace to design and create a leadership development employee opportunity. Based on 15 leadership competencies, content is offered in three tiers to suit different time constraints and objectives: “Refresh” offers five-minute consumption, “Refine” takes twenty minutes and “Retool” allots two hours. All the content selected by Skillsoft provides not just the best match but also the most current thinking. To encourage employees to avail of this fantastic resource, Kimberly stresses the importance of communication and shares the excellent promotional video they made.

And remember, even if you attended Perspectives, there is a good chance you missed these presentations as there was a lot of selection in Vegas. Scott, Stephanie, Kevin, Kimberly and John each offer experience, a perspective that is invaluable and hard to beat in today’s mercurial workplace.


Tara O’Sullivan is the Chief  Marketing Officer and Executive sponsor of the Women in Action Programme at Skillsoft.

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