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Skillsoft’s IT Training Portfolio Helps Organizations Keep Up with Today’s Changing Technology

Companies today are experiencing change on a colossal scale. For some, it is the result of Digital Transformation as they respond and try to differentiate themselves from disruptive competitors that want a share of their business. For others, IT developers needing to update their technology stack or use modern approaches and technology to deliver scalable and secure infrastructure and products for their organization are driving this transition.

Organizations that succeed with their transformation journey understand that both their technology and business groups need to be in lock-step on their transformation plans. In fact, real success comes when organizations realize the initiatives are not a one-time deal, they are continuous. There is not going to be a moment in the future where organizations can say they have transformed and can stop innovating, changing or transforming. This epiphany signals that continual learning is the only way to enable their workforce to accomplish their goals.

Technology changes quickly and developers get consistently bombarded with new technologies and methods for building systems, software and products. This is why it is critical for an organization to ensure their developers stay ahead of, or remain proficient with, the tech stacks that enable growth and transformation. We are continuing to build out our developer offerings to help IT organizations stay current and adept with all the stacks, frameworks, languages, tools, methods that cross their path.

Skillsoft offers the most comprehensive learning solution for cutting-edge IT skills and most in-demand certifications. We have the leading content for management and technology leaders for organizations of all sizes. As we continue to strengthen our business-related transformation content, we are doubling down on our investment in transformation content around IT/Developer learning and training, with a particular concentration/emphasis in DevOps, Cloud, Microservices, Security and Data training.


Perhaps one of the instigators of transformation is DevOps where the idea of improving work methods has been evolving over the past few years. The trend to continuously deploy software and systems in near real-time has made testing and automated testing paramount to DevOps engineers. We see tremendous growth in the consumption of Skillsoft’s DevOps training and testing related training material, a further indication of its significant role in organizations.


As more companies transition from on-premise compute and storage to the cloud, the demand for knowledge and understanding of cloud technologies is increasing. To meet this expectation, we renewed and reinvigorated most of our Cloud & Virtualization learning products and plan to add content around Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, and other hosts that may prove equally valuable soon.


In the past few years, one of the more interesting observations is how effective microservices are in helping companies break away from their large monolithic systems that inhibit their IT/digital transformation. Microservices are powerful, but also pose challenges in orchestration, security and complexity if not implemented well. Our microservices learning content provides organizations help in understanding, adapting and deploying this software development technique in their organization.


As your organization adapts and transforms, security remains a top priority. It is also a top challenge since it is also an area that is continuously changing due to the nature of new attacks. We are increasing and strengthening our Cyber (IT) Security Training content so enterprises can keep their staff up-to-date and their organization secure.


Another well-traveled path is data. Data is a broad and deep topic that is evolving at a hyper-rapid rate; it might even be the most significant driver of growth in IT and developer mindshare. Data has the potential to be a huge game-changer, but you need to have a strategy before you dive into your new data lake. Our data library will ensure that you can not only logically start your data journey but also continue on your data path once it starts, and more deftly relate your new capabilities to your larger transformation goals.


With all this change happening in your organization, how do you know if your human capital is getting the learning and development they need to perform? The best indication that your engineers are capable, or on even par with each other, is a certification. At Skillsoft, we take IT certification training seriously and support more IT professional exams than any other corporate learning provider.

After 20 years, Skillsoft remains the only corporate learning company that offers solutions for the entire organization, both the business side and technology groups. We provide everyone from beginner to expert a broad range of modalities for learning on cutting-edge topics, and we localized the content into 29 languages. Our microlearning courses, videos, digital and audio books, assessments, live mentors, virtual bootcamps and practice labs give your learners a variety of ways to immerse in continual learning and truly evolve.

If your organization isn’t working at the speed of technology, start a free 14-day trial of Skillsoft’s IT Training portfolio and Skillsoft’s IT Skills and Certification Training to see for yourself how we can help you close skill gaps, avoid costly outsourcing and reduce turnover.


Michael Hendrickson is the Vice President, Technology and Developer Products for Skillsoft.



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