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Strapped for Time for Learning? Try Using Skillsoft Book Summaries to Get Up-to-Speed Quickly!


“So many books. So little time.”   –Frank Zappa

Time is a precious commodity. Allocating time from a hectic workday to learn is a challenge and why Josh Bersin believes that successful learning programs enable Learning in the Flow of Work®. Deloitte research estimates that the average employee has 24 minutes a week for “formal learning” making it essential that any content presented is consumable quickly and efficiently.

How can anyone expect to stay current and learn new and essential technologies and practices in 24 minutes a week?

One way is to look for micro-learning opportunities; for those quick short bursts of knowledge like a three to five-minute video that fits easily between meetings or on your daily commute.

Books are one of the best ways to stay on top of trending topics, gain perspective from thought leaders, and review research or case studies.  However, books require time.

Skillsoft’s Book Summaries give learners much of the knowledge they want from a book without requiring a significant time investment. Readers get the critical information in a quick, efficient and easy to understand manner. They are also ideal when deciding if the topic requires a deeper dive. If this is the case, the complete book, or audiobook, is also available to Skillsoft learners.

The summaries are four to six pages in length, and each summary provides an overview of the key insights and takeaways offered by the book, a visual synopsis giving an infographic summary as well as best practices and ways to apply them in the real world.

We carefully consider title selection, taking cues from bestseller lists like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Additionally, we seek out books that align with our highest demand courses that may make not make the best-seller lists but are essential for a deeper understanding of the subject.  Our overall collection spans key business topics like leadership, management and business communication skills, as well as emerging topics like digital transformation, mindfulness, and IT topics.

We just added 1,250 Skillsoft Book Summaries to our Percipio intelligent learning experience platform. All are available in PDF and MP3 formats on any browser or mobile device. We plan to add a further 250 titles by the end of the year.

Here’s a sample of some of the newest titles we added.


Skillsoft’s 1500 summaries provide busy professionals access to the best thinking and practices from today’s leading experts in efficient easy-to-read, or audio versions that give learners another way to preview books they want to read in their entirety.

Everyone wants to learn, but do we all want to learn the same way? What are the benefits of offering video plus books and online courses? Read our complimentary whitepaper, Digital books: A modern modality for modern learners to find out.

Percipio offers these book summaries and so much more. Start a 14-day free trial of Percipio to see for yourself just how useful these summaries are.


Jennifer Jones is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Skillsoft.

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