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California Poised to Impose Additional Harassment Training Requirements

California Poised to Impose Additional Harassment Training Requirements

Two bills currently under consideration by the California legislature could have significant impacts for employers if passed. Though they vary in certain details, SB 1300 and SB 1343 both aim to expand California’s harassment training mandate to include non-manager employees. Passage of either of these bills would mean that most, if not all, California employers will be required to provide training to their entire workforces within the state every two years. New employees would require training within six months of hire.

SB 1300, which applies to all California employers regardless of size, would also expand an employer’s potential liability for harassment, limit the ability of employers to use non-disclosure agreements, and prohibit the award of attorney’s fees to successful defendants in certain cases. SB 1343 applies to employers with five or more employees.  The bill reiterates the existing two-hour training requirement for managers and imposes a new, one-hour training requirement for non-mangers. The deadline for the first round of all-employee harassment training under SB 1343 is January 1, 2020.

Currently, Skillsoft Compliance offers a harassment training solution aligned with California’s original manager training mandate (AB 1825). We are closely monitoring the progress of both pending bills to ensure our solution keeps pace with any changes to California’s anti-harassment laws. Please watch this blog for further updates.

Charlie Voelker is the Director for Compliance Products at Skillsoft.

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