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Delaware Becomes Fifth State to Mandate Harassment Prevention Training

Delaware Governor John Carney recently signed HB 360 into law. This bill is designed to prevent sexual harassment and retaliation in the workplace.  With HB 360, Delaware follows Connecticut, Maine, California, and New York in requiring workplace harassment training.

Beginning January 1, 2019, the law will require employers with four or more employees to distribute an information sheet on sexual harassment furnished by the Delaware Department of Labor. The information sheet must be provided, either physically or electronically, to new employees at the time of hire or, in the case of existing employees, no later than July 1, 2019.

Employers with 50 or more employees will also be required to provide “at least 90 minutes of effective interactive training and education to employees regarding the prevention of sexual harassment” including the following:

  • the illegality of sexual harassment and retaliation;
  • the definition of sexual harassment, with examples;
  • legal remedies and complaint process available to the employee; and
  • contact information for the Delaware Department of Labor

Additionally, supervisor and manager training must cover the specific responsibilities of a supervisor in preventing and correcting sexual harassment. Employers must train new employees and managers within one year of hire; existing employees and managers must receive training by January 1, 2020, and every two years thereafter.

The Delaware Department of Labor is expected to provide more information and guidance on the training requirements. In the meantime, Skillsoft is monitoring developments around this new requirement and will offer a solution for meeting the training mandate.


Charlie Voelker is the Director for Compliance Products at Skillsoft.


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