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Happy Birthday to Us! Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation in Corporate Learning

Happy Birthday to Us! Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation in Corporate Learning

Skillsoft is 20 years young. It’s been a whirlwind since those early days when computer-based training was new and delivered on discs, shipped with manuals and even VHS tapes.  It was all fairly basic and involved large libraries of content that learners viewed on a desktop computer or a bulky, square television screen.

When I was working on this blog post, I asked some of the team for samples of our original content packaging. Check out the original CD-ROM. How very retro!

Today, we deliver learning on your phone, your laptop, your tablet – anytime and anywhere. All utterly unimaginable two decades ago.  Thanks to advances in technology, we also now have sophisticated learning experience platform (LXP) and learning management systems (LMS) that enable organizations to provide consistent instruction across a global enterprise, personalize learning programs, learning integrated with core HR functions and reduced training costs.

Corporate learning has come a long way!

However, it’s not just the technology. How the content is taught dramatically changed as we moved away from voice over slides. We now use brain science research to offer an incredible selection of scenario-based, professionally acted role-play training that provides more relevance and engagement for the learner.

The good news is we don’t plan to stop here. As Mark Onisk, our Chief Content Officer, said in his Perspectives 2018 session – even on your worst day in Skillsoft (and we have some bad days), the knowledge that you are making a difference and helping people to achieve their fullest potential through learning, is enough to keep you motivated and to move forward.

But back to today.

Today we celebrate. As a present to ourselves, we’ve changed our look. Drumroll please…

A modern logo to match our modern approach to learning

Skillsoft has dropped the headphones (yes that was what the bouncing ball represented). Our new, modern logo represents our commitment to watch, read, listen and practice as well as our focus on specialized content in Technology and Developer, Leadership and Business Skills and Compliance areas.



For the last year, this has been our rallying cry internally, a reminder of why we do what we do. These words inspire innovation and a sense of purpose. In our offices, 12 locations globally, today is not just another day. As well as a birthday cake, balloons and new signage, we all come together to celebrate the last 20 years and look forward to the next.  We’ll spend time with our Skillsoft family and remember all those who brought us here.

To everyone, I say Happy Birthday and here’s to another 20 great years of innovation, evolution and making work matter!


Tara O’Sullivan is the Chief Marketing Officer at Skillsoft.


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  • Happy Birthday Skillsoft! A great company where I enjoyed my first decade of working in online learning with a super team. It has been super watching Skillsoft grow and strengthen over the years. Best wishes for continued innovation and success.


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