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Learn How to Utilise Technology to Design Successful Leadership Development

Learn How to Utilise Technology to Design Successful Leadership Development

Consider this, 84% of organisations anticipate a shortfall of leaders in the next five years, yet more money is invested in leadership development than any aspect of corporate learning. Pretty sobering data given the fundamental shifts business is experiencing as both political and digital forces radically transform the marketplace. Plus there’s the war on talent estimated to keep up even the most hardened CEO up at night.

While the outlook is shocking, there is some good news. Already, top-performing organisations are achieving success and are developing leaders who can guide their organisation into the future. The question is how? What are these companies doing that others are not?

Towards Maturity and Skillsoft set out to answer this question and our findings are now available in Driving Leadership Capability. One of the key differentiators is how these organisations incorporate technology to develop their leaders and managers. We also found a common practice of a more democratic process whereby leadership training opportunities are extended to their entire workforce rather than just the traditional select few.

To share this invaluable insight and others, Skillsoft and Laura Overton, the award-winning learning expert and founder and CEO of Towards Maturity, are hosting a complimentary webinar on Wednesday 12th December.

Laura will discuss the report, who we surveyed and what we know about:

  • Creating a successful leadership development programme
  • Designing impactful, learner-centric leadership training
  • The obstacles facing L&D

Please join us for what promises to be a most informative and productive hour.


Matthew Buskell is AVP  for Skillsoft, EMEA.

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