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Vodeclic is Now Skillsoft

Vodeclic is Now Skillsoft

In February 2018 after four years working in the sales department, I became the Sales Manager for Vodeclic.  This opportunity coincided with Skillsoft’s acquisition of the company so as you can imagine it was a steep learning curve. I wanted to ensure we stayed true to Vodelic’s reputation as a specialist in digital learning, renowned for our micro-video platform and extensive catalog available in seven languages. It was also imperative to guarantee to our customers, to all those who put their faith in us, that while the name will change, the service they have come to know and trust will not.

One of my first tasks was to instruct the entire team from sales to IT about Skillsoft. We all needed to become familiar with the way the company operates and what products Skillsoft offers. Again, another steep learning curve but this time there was about 20 of us working hard to understand not just everything about Skillsoft but how we could maximise what the company offers for our customers.

While it’s been a hectic few months, I’m delighted to say that it’s working. We’ve signed up some significant new names demonstrating that together, we are uniquely and perfectly positioned to help organisations to manage current challenges like digital transformation and skill shortages.

I’m sure some of you may already have received some communication announcing the name change. We aim to continue spreading the word and are currently rebranding all our Vodeclic content and messaging. I want to assure our customers that this is a phenomenal opportunity for us to expand our products and services and one that will allow us to continue serving the needs and requirements as we move forward and meet all the challenges the future holds.

I am incredibly proud to integrate Vodeclic into the Skillsoft family formally and to be in charge of launching this platform which represents a huge potential for the French market. Also, Percipio inherits the “French Touch” of Vodeclic which has made French EdTech famous all over the world.

2019 is just around the corner. My job is not yet complete, and I know there will be some obstacles to face as we endeavour to move all our customers and further align our brands. However, I’m prepared for the occasional language or cultural misunderstanding because I believe this is the right move for us all.



Stephane Perrault De Jotemps is the AVP Sales Director, Skillsoft.

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