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Opinion: Google Solidifies Its Place as a Serious Contender in the Cloud Space at Google Cloud Next

Opinion: Google Solidifies Its Place as a Serious Contender in the Cloud Space at Google Cloud Next

Google Cloud Next was an opportunity for Google to demonstrate its capabilities, ecosystem, and strategic partnership to the world. Here are some of the most critical announcements and initiatives from the conference that truly cemented Google’s rightful place as a serious contender in a market occupied by competition like Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS.

The release of Anthos, previously known as Cloud Services Platform, as a pivotal moment towards the multi-cloud approach.

Google estimates that 85% of enterprises are utilizing a multi-cloud strategy for various purposes, a paradigm shift in the way organizations leverage cloud resources. Recognizing an area to capitalize and lead the market, Anthos is Google’s solution for what is a dreaded dilemma from an IT infrastructure perspective—cloud migration. This seamless all in one solution will be extended to AWS, Azure and other providers, giving the end users full control and autonomy to optimize cloud resources via on-prem, or hybrid cloud model. This game-changing capability will shape the course of an entire industry and Google is driving this disruption and leading the way into uncharted paths.

Open source ecosystem with critical vendors to ensure the pervasiveness of GCP

Open source is the future and Google is placing an enormous bet on this direction by aligning itself with significant vendors in the enterprise space such as MongoDB, Redis Labs, Elastic, and others. At the core of GCP’s principle, “[open source] is the foundation of IT infrastructure worldwide and has been a part of Google’s foundation since day one.” The interconnectedness and interoperability of open source will reduce complexity and result in a much more robust integration across various managed services.

Critical partnership with established industry leading providers, such as Cisco

The most important technical strategic partner announced at GCP Next was the deepening relationship with Cisco, the industry leader in networking and connectivity.  The overarching goal for both organizations is to provide fluidity and flexibility for end users in whichever cloud model fits the business needs.

The skills required to be successful in the next phase of the digital age

Without a doubt, the talent shortage will be detrimental for organizations across various industries as we transition into a new phase in the digital economy.

Recognizing this talent shortfall, we designed our  Skillsoft Aspire learning journeys.  Each journey includes a sequenced instruction that methodically progresses on prescribed tasks, functional responsibilities, and application of knowledge through a blend of learning, practice, assessments and a credential at the culmination of the journey.  For example, here’s what that journey looks like for a data analyst to a data scientist.


To learn more about the need for continuous training, please read IDC’s “It’s Not Over When It’s Over”: The Case for Continual Learning.



Sam Doan is an IT Solution Principal at Skillsoft.

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