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8 Questions to Ask When Deciding on Training for Technology and Developer Employees

8 Questions to Ask When Deciding on Training for Technology & Developer Employees

Technology buzzwords and trends emerge and multiply with a frequency that is equal parts exhilarating and confusing.

This constant state of flux makes it hard to decide which hot technology to learn about or which skill to acquire. For those in Talent Management or L&D, it’s even trickier. Which of the latest technologies ought you to focus on-DevOps, security, data analytics, RPA, AI, Cloud Investing or all of them and more?

There are so many out there, and new ones come onboard every other week seems. Where do you start?

Making matters worse is that even when you determine what technologies best fit your needs, you have to figure out how to satisfy the expectations of people which in tech & dev is a challenge in and of itself.  Everyone will have a slightly different definition or different needs for each topic. If you ever want to have some fun, get a group of technology folks in a room and get them to agree to a definition of serverless computing.

Planning your tech & dev talent strategy

Customers frequently come to Skillsoft with this dilemma, so I’ve developed a solution, an approach, and a list of questions to get you started.

Think about building anything. For example a house. You wouldn’t expect to wake up one morning and start building. No, first you’d decide what a house means to you and what you need, next you’d design or produce a plan. And when building this house, there needs to be a process, a specific order to follow – you can’t build walls without a foundation, and you can’t add your roof until you have walls. When finished, you might then look over your property and visualize a long-term plan; perhaps you will expand in the future.

This same methodology works when planning your or your tech & dev team’s learning and development.

Here’s a list of the 8 questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. What is the desired learning outcome?
  2. Do I want to talk intelligently or superficially about this area? Basic or advanced level?
  3. Is there a specific task/project when the learning is done? Do I want to troubleshoot/debug? Do I want to develop?
  4. How much time do I have to learn? Hours or minutes?
  5. Is there a specific project coming up?
  6. Am I looking to update my skills or acquire new ones?
  7. What training method works best for me? Videos, courses, books, or labs?
  8. What software and tools do I need to learn?

How Skillsoft can help

Aware that technology is evolving at a rate L&D teams can find challenging, Skillsoft designed Skillsoft Aspire.

What is Skillsoft Aspire?

It is a series of job, task, or function-oriented learning journeys for individuals, teams, and organizations working in technology, development and related areas.  Each journey includes sequenced instruction that methodically progresses on prescribed tasks, functional responsibilities, application of knowledge so the learner can move towards an aspirational goal. Included in every journey is a blend of learning, practice, assessments and a credential at the culmination of the journey.

For example, here’s the journey for machine learning programmer to machine learning architect.

Each journey comprises at least 50-80 hours of courses plus optional multimodal content like videos and books, plus an additional 10-12 hours of practice labs, certification prep, and assessments. Percipio customers with access to Skillsoft’s Technology and Developer content library automatically receive all Skillsoft Aspire learning journeys.

Greg Fuller is a Senior Manager, IT & Developer Content Development at Skillsoft.

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