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Technology and Developer Courses: July Release Summary

Technology and Developer Courses: July Release Summary

For companies to keep systems running, evolving, and adapting to drive continual adaptability, employees need to grow their expertise continually. That requires access to state-of-the-art multi-modal learning content.

Skillsoft’s developer teams are hard at work, delivering courses into our learning platforms around key topic areas that allow organizations to keep pace with technology, improve architecture, and strengthen client experiences.

Below is a snapshot of Skillsoft’s Technology & Developer July releases and what to expect over the next 90 days.

Last 30 days

Machine Learning:

  • Building Neural Networks
  • Training Neural Networks


  • Smart Contracts: Smart Contracts & Hyperledger Fabric
  • Blockchain Engineer: Building Decentralized Applications for Ethereum
  • Blockchain Engineer: Cloud Blockchains


  • Securing Amazon Web Services


  • Python Getting Started
  • Working with Complex Data Types in Python


  • Full Stack Developer Front-end Development: HTML & CSS


  • Getting Started with Vue.js
  • Hybrid Cloud Architecture and Deployment


Next 90 Days

Machine Learning:

  • NLP for ML with Python
  • Linear Algebra and Probability
  • Bayesian Methods for Machine Learning
  • Gradient Descent and Regularization for Linear Models
  • Improving Neural Networks: Regularization and Optimization
  • Fundamentals of Convolutional Nets
  • Applying Convo Nets to Visual and Recognition tasks
  • Deploying ML/DL in the Enterprise
  • Modeling Enterprise Services
  • Building an Enterprise-grade Architecture
  • Architecting Balance: On-prem, Cloud, Hybrid
  • Refactoring ML/DL Algorithms
  • Implementing Deep Learning
  • Advanced Topics in Deep Learning
  • Advanced Reinforcement Learning
  • ML/DL Best Practices


  • End-user Security Awareness


  • Working with HTTP Requests in Python
  • Python Conditional Statements and Loops
  • Python First Class Functions and Lamdas
  • Classes and Inheritance in Python
  • Data Structures and Algorithms in Python
  • Building Web Apps Using Flask in Python
  • Design Patterns in Python


  • Exploring the DevOps Mindset
  • DevOps Vocabulary
  • Software Testing for FSD
  • MEAN for FSD Development
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • User Interaction Technologies
  • Lean, Agile, and Scrum for Software Development
  • Understanding PM Tools
  • Project Management Collaboration Tools
  • Software Project Management Communication Skills
  • DevOps Agile Development
  • DevOps Failing the Smart Way
  • DevOps Collaboration Tools
  • Getting Started with FSD
  • Build and Test Tools

Aspire Learning Journeys:




For more detailed information on our roadmap, please reach out to your Skillsoft sales rep.


Mike Hendrickson is the VP, Technology & Developer Products at Skillsoft.

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