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On the Move: Highlights from Skillsoft’s 2019 European Roadshow

On the Move: Highlights from Skillsoft’s 2019 European Roadshow

As Skillsoft continues to drive digital transformation, promote a safe work environment, and equip workers with the skills needed for the digital workplace, we must keep the lines of communication open with our customers. One of the many ways we do that is by going on the road. Having just completed travels around Europe visiting customers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris, I want to share some of the critical topics we explored on our journey.

Accelerating the modernisation of IT infrastructures

Mike Hendrickson, VP, Technology & Developer Products at Skillsoft, was on a mission to accurately paint the skillsets of the digital workforce. Mike spoke about the skills gap in the global workplace. He emphasised that as we continue to embrace technology in the workplace, it is imperative that employees possess both technical expertise and broader business and people skills. The burning question, therefore, is how are organisations equipping their people with these skills?

Mike believes the answer lies in the continuous approach to learning and development.

6 Steps for Continual Modernisation and Learning


Fundamental to this concept is an awareness of what content your learners are already consuming. Skillsoft analysed over 1 million data records, representing more than 25 million hours of learning interactions across our user base of nearly 12 million technology professionals. We then published our findings in Tech Learning Consumption Trends: A Skillsoft Signals Research Report. Organisations can now use the data from this report to determine the best strategy for their talent development.

Mike also spent some time discussing the Skillsoft Aspire learning journeys.  It is critical that as our understanding of technology evolves, so do the job roles that utilize those technologies.  One way to stay ahead of the curve is with Skillsoft Aspire, our prescribed paths from current to future job roles.

Transforming to win in the experience economy

Kristin Shackleford, Solution Principal, Organisation Transformation at Skillsoft, discussed the impact of change on leadership. We can all acknowledge that the business context is changing, and leadership must change with it. Companies need to develop new mindsets, particularly around the subject of leadership development.

Leadership Development Yesterday vs. Today

We cannot underestimate the unprecedented impact of digital transformation. The conversation must turn to digital maturity and go beyond focusing on how business is adapting in a digital economy.  The key to digital maturity lies in increasing collaboration, scaling innovation, and revamping an organisation’s approach to talent development.

Kristin reminded everyone that digital transformation is a shared project.  HR cannot accomplish it alone. To assist in this enterprise, Skillsoft is releasing new digital transformation titles. These will include Design Thinking for Innovation and Serving Digital Customers, Data Analytics, and Data-driven Decision Making.

Kristin also drew attention to many recent releases of German language courses in both our Digital Transformation collection and the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program.

Recently released German Digital Transformation Course Titles from Skillsoft

New Leadership Development Program Titles in German


Before concluding, Kristin highlighted some of the new Business Skills titles that customers can expect in the coming months.  There are some exciting new product management titles on their way, so stay tuned.

Meet compliance obligations with a reliable and proven partner

Norman (Norm) Ford, VP of Compliance Products at Skillsoft, discussed the extent of Skillsoft’s compliance library – 575 courses and videos in 32 languages. These numbers are one of many reasons why Skillsoft Compliance is a market leader.


Skillsoft is a compliance training market leader with 575 critical legal and safety risk topics translated into 32 languages

Norm devoted some time to talk about the way Skillsoft is aligning our compliance training strategy to respond to market demands and lead an evolving compliance market. Here are some interesting Technavio global corporate compliance training market insights Norm shared:

  • Year-over-year growth is expected to accelerate through 2021
  • The Global Corporate Compliance Training market is estimated at $5.5B for 2018
  • The market is expected to grow to $7.8 billion by 2021

Compliance elearning trends: Competitive customisation, interactivity & gamification, smartphone support, adaptive learning, AI, personalisation, analytics/data tracking, predictive analytics

Norm then took some time to talk about Percipio Compliance.  Combining leading content and a modern user experience with robust functionality, Percipio Compliance delivers both an engaging learning opportunity while meeting complex compliance needs. For those unfamiliar with Percipio Compliance, Norm delivered a brief introduction.

Norm also pointed out that for training to take it is essential that instructional designers understand and respect the neuroscience of learning.

To design the best learning experiences we need to understand the neuroscience of learning. For example, "binge education" is not effective for retention

He then provided a brief overview of Skillsoft’s new compliance training strategy based on a modular content structure. Customers can soon expect a new option that involves content modules, or stand-alone components.  Each company will select the courses/content that best suits their business objectives to deliver a personalised training programme.

Developing the Mindset of the Digital Leader

I explained the three essential elements the digital leader mindset encompasses: people first, trust and collaboration, and shared leadership. The goal now is for organisations to find a way to build and encourage these behaviours.

How learning can held

Local flavours

Lastly, I want to spotlight our customers who joined us on each leg of this tour. They are proof positive of Skillsoft’s ability to help people and organizations achieve their fullest potential through learning and development.

First stop, Frankfurt, September 10

Deutsche Telekom AG

Stephan Kasulke, VP Expert Development and CLO

Deutsche Telekom wants to empower its employees to take a self-directed learning journey. Here the emphasis is on putting the employee in the driver seat. Deutsche Telekom is leveraging Percipio, to facilitate employee engagement and align learning to business challenges. Stephan explained how they started the rollout in Austria and are moving throughout the rest of their European centres. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Stephan noted, “Learners are thoroughly enjoying the user interface, which is making a big difference to this new approach to learning”.

Covestro Deutschland GmbH

Arnd Becker, Expert Training & Learning

Arnd spoke about the way Covestro is leveraging Skillsoft to replace their traditional instructor-led training (ILT) programmes.  Currently, they are utilising a broad range of Skillsoft content, including assets from the Business Skills, Leadership and Technology & Developer portfolios. Covestro is implementing Workday Learning as their platform, and thus far the integration with Skillsoft is going smoothly.

Then it was on to Amsterdam, September, 12


Gerard Pieterse, Director of People Development

We kicked off the tour in Amsterdam. Gerard introduced us to Kyosei, the Canon philosophy that promotes world harmony and prosperous society. He illustrated how this approach is influencing the way Canon approaches people development. In their goal to facilitate a self-development learning culture at Canon, they have implemented Skillsoft’s Percipio learning experience platform. Gerard demonstrated how Canon is using brochures, emails and video guides to promote this new learning opportunity and increase utilisation. Canon is taking some unique steps to engage learners, including inserting Percipio recommendations on the standard out of office email message. The great news is that all this work is paying off and Canon see a dramatic increase in uptake.

Finally, Paris, September 17

Altran UK

Steven Singer, Talent Development Manager (UK)

Steven explained the challenge Altran faces as it works to meet high expectations of learning on a relatively small budget. However, despite this demand, Percipio is delivering. Percipio facilitates self-directed learning in lots of subjects, including highly technical areas such as engineering. Critically, Percipio gives employees access to learning at the point of need. Altran is exploiting Percipio to support a “flipped learning approach”. Altran can now produce in-house learning programmes and reduce face-to-face courses.  Steven also demonstrated how Altran is utilising Skillsoft’s technical content in conjunction with a seminar and practical learning programmes to personalise and reinforce learning.

I want to thank everyone who joined us on this incredible journey and look forward to seeing you all next year.




Steve Wainwright is the Managing Director for Skillsoft EMEA.


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