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During Road Safety Week is it Time to Rethink your Driver Safety Training?

During Road Safety Week is it Time to Rethink your Driver Safety Training?

Like millions of other people, my brother daily drives a company van. As an air conditioning unit specialist, his job takes him from location to location, installing or fixing air conditioning units. Some days he travels long distances, others he stays around the city. While he is not a professional driver, he does, like so many other workers, spend a large amount of his workday behind the wheel. While I am not sure what road safety training he received, I do know that every 24 seconds, someone is killed on the road. An astounding 1.3 million people die on the world’s roads every year. In Europe, it’s estimated that six out of every ten work accidents that result in death are road crashes.

Raising road safety awareness

November 18th – 24th is Road Safety Week. Road Safety Week is an annual event and the biggest road safety awareness event in the UK. Coordinated by Brake, the road safety charity, the idea behind the campaign is to promote greater awareness about road safety.  Regardless of where you work — in an office or behind the wheel — we are all road users, and everyone wants to feel safe and protected as they get around.

How driver safety training can help

As I investigated this topic, I discovered that in 2018, the most common cause of an accident is a driver’s reaction error.

The main cause of road accidents was a driver or rider’s failure to look properly, with 383 fatal accidents reported in 2018. This was followed by 371 fatal accidents caused by the driver’s loss of vehicle control.

Driving, for now at least, is still primarily a human endeavour. Therefore, regardless of how good you are behind the wheel, there is always a level of risk from human error. However, driver training is proving that we can reduce the element of risk and cut the number of accidents.  AlertDriving a global, online driver risk management solution and a Skillsoft partner, is the leading provider of online driver risk management solutions. FleetDefense®, the company’s driver risk management suite, combines training in over 100 languages with built-in metrics giving fleets standardized risk reporting anywhere in the world.

According to Alert Driving, customers utilising their online driver training programmes saw a 60% reduction in the number of collisions within the first year, and a drop in the number of injuries, operating costs, and liability exposure.

Their customers also noted that with online driver training they now had:

  • Monthly touchpoints to keep safety top of mind for drivers
  • A rich library content so drivers did not repeat training lessons
  • Documented training to demonstrate duty of care and reduced liability exposure

How can online driver training work?

For starters, drop any preconceived idea that driver training must take place in a vehicle. Instead, begin to see driver safety training with a more holistic mindset that asks the driver to take note of their surroundings and see outside the vehicle.

6 core competencies of safe driving

What does AlertDriving training look like?

Underestimating driving risks: Present the problem, provide undeniable proof, provide easy solution, test learning comprehension

  • Multiple lesson formats available from 1-minute to 15-minute training sessions
  • All modules use real-life video footage, which drivers prefer over cartoon-like, computer animation
  • Modules feature local content, footage, and languages from over 70 countries
  • Can report on individual or group performance
  • Used by over 1 million drivers worldwide, the FleetDefense training library is the most extensive in the industry, covering speeding, intersection safety, distractions, fatigue, and much more

Unsure whether your organisation needs to manage risk?

The European Transport Safety Council has put together a very easy to read infographic that lays out clearly who is responsible and what steps you need to take to protect both your employees and your business.

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Andy Nickolls is the Director of Compliance Solutions at Skillsoft EMEA.


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