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Make The Gift of Learning a New Festive Season Tradition

Make The Gift of Learning a New Festive Season Tradition

What do you want for Christmas?

As a child, I answered with the name of some toy or a bike if I was feeling lucky. Children today are likely to include some form of tech in their response. As an adult, your answer may consist of a new phone, world peace, or perhaps more government action on climate change.

Whatever you want, let me ask you this – what do you really need? Most of us are quite fortunate, and in today’s consumerist society have quite a lot. However, apart from the basics – food, water, and shelter- I believe that what we need is knowledge. In an uncertain world and a workplace that is constantly changing, it is enormously beneficial to feel confident and assured.  Learning offers both, and access to free education opens the door to limitless possibilities.

Therefore, I am delighted to announce that we are continuing the Skillsoft tradition of The Gift of Learning. Starting on December 4, we will give you access to 12 courses from our award-winning content portfolios.  Once you register, we will send your login details. Then each weekday from December 4 through 19, you will receive your access link. This link takes you to one of these incredible courses:

Leadership development

  • Leading by Developing People
  • Leadership Insights on Coaching
  • Leading Others Through Conflict
  • Leading Through the Challenge of Change

Technology and Developer

  • DevOps Mindset: DevOps Principles & Implementation Approach
  • Agile for Software Development: Lean, Agile & Scrum Methodologies
  • Complex Data Types in Python: Working with Lists and Tuples in Python
  • DevOps Smart Failure: Fail Fast and DevOps

Productivity and Collaboration

  • Excel Office 365: Working with Data in Pivot Tables
  • Excel Office 365: Custom & Conditional Formatting
  • PowerPoint Office 365: Preparing and Delivering Slideshows
  • PowerPoint Office 365: Using Multimedia in Presentations

Learning and helping others

Another festive and Skillsoft tradition is the gift of giving. This year, for every registration, Skillsoft will donate £2 across our three chosen charities: Friends of the Elderly, Dogs Trust, and Make-A-Wish® UK.

How do you sign up?

It’s easy.

Step 1

I want the gift of learning

Step 2

Add to your list of trusted senders


Sign up today – registration closes Thursday 28th November


Agata Nowakowska is the Area Sales VP UK, Skillsoft EMEA.


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