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Learn Why Skillsoft Won 5 Training Industry Awards

“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

As a global leader in corporate learning, Skillsoft works hard to continuously innovate and evolve to meet the needs of our customers. We are always planning and looking ahead to ensure we are providing solutions that deliver value to organizations and their learners. When our efforts are recognized, especially by the most trusted source of information on the business of learning, it is incredibly gratifying.

2019 was a big year for Skillsoft! We received FIVE Training Industry awards recognizing the quality and value of our solutions, from our platform to our Compliance, Leadership & Business and Technology, Developer and Certification Solutions content libraries.

Here are more details about each award.

Top 20 Health & Safety Companies: Skillsoft Compliance

The Training Industry selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Breadth and diversity of health and safety training offerings
  • Ability to deliver training in preferred modalities
  • Company size and growth potential
  • Geographic and vertical reach
  • Quality of clients

Why Skillsoft was chosen:

  • We cover 500+ risk topics across 32+ languages.
  • Our customizable compliance courses incorporate several learning methods and instructional design approaches including scenario-based courses, conceptual graphics, gamification, and localization.
  • The quality of our Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) training that covers topics such as Hazard Communication, Bloodborne Pathogens, Defensive Driving, Ergonomics, and Active Shooter training. Courses ensure employees can recognize hazards in the workplace, work safely, and if needed, respond in emergency situations and safeguard against harm and injury.
  • We offer unmatched coverage in both legal and ethics compliance and health and safety training. Our ESH portfolio includes global content that has been translated and fully localized and adapted to country laws, regulations, and culture. We partner with nationally and globally recognized law, certified safety and health professionals that serve as subject matter experts (SMEs) and guide the development and maintenance of the content library. This is the most effective way to keep current with changes in the law and developments in compliance strategies, all while bringing a real-world, practical approach to promoting a lawful, ethical, safe and healthy workplace culture.
  • We provide customers with an enhanced mobile experience. Our newly interactive exercises provide gamified learning and allow learners to complete assessments via iOS and Android devices.
  • Skillsoft Certitude helps certify communications and enables organizations to manage, track and distribute policies, standard operating procedures, attestations, and disclosures along with the ability to create custom questionnaires, checklists, surveys, assessments and exams in over 40 languages.
  • Partnership with content providers such as Convercent and Alertdriving means we can offer an even more robust training library.

Top 20 Leadership Training Companies: Skillsoft Leadership & Business

The Training Industry selects organizations on the following criteria:

  • Thought leadership and influence on leadership training industry
    • Breadth and quality of programs and audiences served
    • Company size and growth potential
    • Industry recognition and innovation
    • Strength of clients and geographic reach

Why Skillsoft was chosen:

  • Designed to democratize leadership and develop competencies critical to leading in the digital economy, our leadership development program offers courses and content across dozens of timeless and timely competencies, including leading teams, leading with emotional intelligence, leading with agility, leading virtually and leading through the challenge of change.
  • Leveraging brain science research, we transformed our content, moving from static, instructor-led training to scenario-based, HD video-based content instructionally designed to improve learner outcomes. The scenario-based pedagogy—comprised of interactive, realistic scenarios with behavioral demonstrations—drives engagement from both sides of the brain via emotion and storytelling, while imagery and dynamic text synergistically reinforce key points visually.
  • In 2018, we launched the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP). Built for the modern, digital learner, SLDP provides an innovative, scalable, cost-effective and engaging leadership development experience delivered via video-based instruction. This award-winning program features scenario-based course content covering 30 of today’s most critical competencies for leading in the digital economy, including:
    • Embracing Diversity in Leadership
    • Leading a Customer-Centric Culture
    • Leading Innovation
    • Leading Through Disruption
    • Leading Through the Challenge of Change
    • Leading Virtually
    • Leading with Digital Technology
    • The Agile Leader: Perseverance and Flexibility

Top 20 Learning Portal/LMS Companies: Percipio

Selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of learning portal/LMS user and administrative features
  • Industry visibility, innovation, and impact
  • Number and strength of clients
  • Geographic reach
  • Company size and growth potential

Here’s a brief overview of the reasons for Percipio’s win:

  • Percipio, Skillsoft’s open learning platform enables organizations to access expertly curated content including proprietary resources and third-party assets. It has highly flexible deployment options and can operate on its own or integrate with existing learning ecosystems.
  • Percipio offers 500 pre-curated channels delivering microlearning resources to develop skills and advance careers. Skillsoft’s own off-the-shelf video courses, books, book summaries, and audiobooks are available on Percipio along with third-party and custom content. This enables organizations to leverage the platform as one central access point for custom, off-the-shelf and linked public content.
  • Percipio enables administrators to raise the bar with less effort through automated content updates and visual reporting. Learning program administrators can directly upload, manage and publish standards-based and single file custom content on their own, without the need to engage Skillsoft’s Professional Services.
  • Skillsoft’s extensive network of content partners to expand the already robust content portfolio within Percipio. Highly specialized content providers for technology and developer expertise include ITProTV, Wintellect, and MITxPRO that are packaged with existing Skillsoft plans.
  • Percipio Embedded Learning Synchronized Assistant (ELSA) is the first tool to provide just-in-time, contextual learning by allowing users to easily access and consume content from Percipio directly in their natural workflow via a browser plug-in.
  • Additionally, we launched localized versions of Percipio in French, German and Spanish to support the multi-lingual needs of multinational organizations. In tandem, major portions of SLDP and our Digital Transformation Training portfolio are now available in these languages on the Percipio platform.
  • We also launched a new set of features and capabilities within Percipio to enhance the learning experience for Technology & Developer audiences. These included integrated Practice Labs, Mentoring and TestPreps.
  • Percipio Compliance also launched, centralizing an organization’s learning program on one platform, allowing learners to use Percipio to take required compliance training.

Top 20 IT Training Companies: Skillsoft Technology & Developer

Selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Breadth and quality of IT training content and courses
  • Leadership and innovation in IT training
  • Company size and growth potential
  • Strength of clients
  • Geographic reach

Here’s a brief overview of the reasons for our win:

  • Skillsoft Aspire, a new series of digital learning journeys to help close the IT skills gap & accelerate career advancement. Upon completing a set of sequenced instruction, learners will gain credentials and core competencies to help, for instance, a Data Analyst become a Data Scientist or a Machine Learning Programmer advance to a Machine Learning Architect. The four stages of a Skillsoft Aspire journey deliver 50-80 hours of multi-modal learning courses + 10-12 hours of practice labs, assessments & a Capstone.
  • We deliver one of the world’s largest libraries of technology learning content, with 5M tech & dev learners worldwide, and 26M hours of tech-related content delivered annually. We expanded the breadth and depth of our tech library in 2019, adding thousands of hours of specialized third-party content developed by partners such as WintellectNOW, MITxPRO and ITProTV.
    • Programming and Databases
    • CompTIA (or similar IT Associations)
    • Python
  • We have created an unparalleled volume of content to help IT professionals learn new technologies and prepare for certification exams by identifying centrals drivers for organizations such as Cloud, Data Science, DevOps, Microservices and Security.
  • We are helping organizations maximize retention and certification scores through features such as PracticeLabs, Ask a Mentor, TestPrep and the Aspire Learning Journeys. Each of these features helps to increase productivity by allowing learners to first test their skills within a safe, controlled environment with PracticeLabs, ask industry professionals in real time using the Ask a Mentor chat feature, and prepare for certification exams with over 100 prep exams and 6,000 assessments simulating real exams through TestPreps.

Top 20 Online Learning Libraries: Skillsoft

This list recognizes the 2019 Top 20 Online Learning Library Companies in the training industry and is designed to help buy-side organizations in their search for the right training partner.

Why Skillsoft was chosen:

  • Our library features a synthesis of multi-modal content, including immersive video-based courses, digital books from the world’s leading publishers, and the industry’s largest collection of audiobooks. The content covers key topics including, business skills, leadership development, technology and development, and compliance.
  • We are synonymous with exceptional corporate training in all aspects of learning – Compliance, Technology and Developer, Leadership Development, Business Skills, and more. We have delivered 28 million hours of IT training content to 5 million technology professionals – more than any other corporate learning provider- and SLDP is quickly becoming a trusted solution for accelerating leadership at all levels. Meanwhile, our Compliance Training is also recognized as an industry leader, meeting demand for a modern, engaging compliance training.
  • In 2018, Skillsoft debuted strategic licensing agreements with ITProTV and Loonycorn to supplement our Technology and Developer learning library. These partnerships added 400+ hours of deeply technical videos to our extensive IT library.
  • Additionally, Skillsoft launched localized versions of our Percipio learning experience platform in French, German and Spanish to support the multi-lingual needs of European and multinational organizations. In tandem, major portions of SLDP and our Digital Transformation Training portfolio are now available in these languages.
  • Skillsoft also launched a new set of features and capabilities within the Percipio learning platform to enhance the learning experience for Tech & Dev audiences. These included, integrated Practice Labs, Mentoring and TestPreps.


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Mark Onisk is the Chief Content Officer at Skillsoft.

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