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Corporate Crisis Preparedness: Critical Focus Areas


A recent study by PwC found that when it comes to crisis management, nearly 7 in 10 (69%) leaders have experienced at least one corporate crisis in the last five years. Chances are you too will face a crisis, but you don’t have to go it alone.Read more

Introducing Toolkit Courses for Leadership Development


The innovative Skillsoft Leadership Development Program powered by MIT Sloan Management Review is designed to deliver leadership training focused on essential modern competencies, informed by a scientific understanding of how adults learn best for improved performance.Read more

Skillsoft Adds New Speakers to its Repertoire of Leadership and Business Experts

Skillsoft adds new speakers to its repertoire of leadership and business experts

Skillsoft Expert Insights and Leadership Insights courses deliver short, highly actionable videos from today’s most acclaimed experts, to enable learners at all levels of an organization to improve their effectiveness. Expert Insights videos are leveraged by the Skillsoft learner audience, which exceeds 1.25 million executives and professionals in Fortune 1000 companies and smaller organizations across the globe.Read more