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Exciting News: Skillsoft Wins Brandon Hall Group’s 2019 Excellence in Technology Awards

Brandon Hall Group (BHG), a research and analyst firm, provides research, data and expertise in the human capital management space.  Each year, they recognize the best technology solution providers in learning, talent management, talent acquisition, HR, workforce management and sales enablement organization with their Excellence in Technology Awards.

We’re honored to share that Skillsoft won not one, but three BHG Excellence Awards—Best Advance in Emerging Learning Technology, Best Advance in Leadership Simulation Tools and Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training.

We were humbled to receive a Gold in Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training for Skillsoft Certitude.  As part of Skillsoft Compliance Solutions, Certitude helps organizations strengthen their compliance programs by supporting and amplifying global compliance and safety initiatives and monitoring areas of possible risk.

Certitude is more than a traditional policy management tool. It helps compliance and safety professionals streamline the distribution of documents, policies and standard operating procedures with language support in more than 40 languages. They can create multiple-choice question and answer documents such as questionnaires, surveys, disclosures, and checklists, assess knowledge of distributed materials with scoring capabilities, and maintain auditable tracking and reporting to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Certitude offers organizations the flexibility to support global organizational initiatives and we are very proud to be recognized with this honor.

Skillsoft was also recognized for Best Advance in Emerging Learning Technology with our Skillsoft Aspire learning journeys. We believe that training competent and able technology professionals requires serious preparation, so we created the Skillsoft Aspire learning journeys to provide organizations with a comprehensive way to accomplish this.

Learners receive 50-80 hours of training in which they are oriented to key work functions and daily learning challenges until they complete a practice lab at the end of each track, where they will apply what they’ve learned in a safe, virtual environment. The Aspire Journey culminates in a capstone lab, which encompasses everything they have learned with challenge exercises that are graded inside the platform. Its criterion-based assessment model ensures that learners have been tested in a specific area of technology and have proven they have gained an adequate level of proficiency. And, portable badging and credential functionality allows individuals to take the accreditations they’ve earned with them throughout their career.

Skillsoft was also recognized in the category of Best Advance in Leadership Simulation Tools for the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP).  In SLDP, we use the latest research and findings from adult learning science to inform our instructional strategy and content design, incorporating stories and scenarios that are impactful on learning and retention because they generate emotional engagement in the learner.

The SLDP program delivers superior learning outcomes through comprehensive scenario-based video course content that teaches the most critical leadership competencies needed today. The video courses use storytelling to create a narrative, evoke feelings, and engage the senses to contextualize learning and create episodic memories instead of simply listing facts, abstract ideas or concepts. We are proud that the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program was recognized in such a meaningful way.

Want to see for yourself how these solutions work to ensure your learning programs are the best they can be?  Request a demo to see our solutions in action.

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