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The Secret Life of the Communications Intern

July 24, 2020 | by Beth Jean-Louis

When you hear of public relations and marketing, what do you think of?

I already know what you are thinking because once upon a time I used to think the very same thing. The glamourous publicist who works with A-list clients whose main job is going to events. Think Samantha from Sex and the City.


Wrong! In truth, Communications can sometimes be “unsexy.” Stuck behind a screen all day, no fancy events and sitting at your desk for hours on end drafting a press release for a tech product.

Now, I do not say this to deter anyone for pursuing a career in Communications. In fact, I’m saying that it is possible to have a rewarding Communications career in a more corporate setting. It’s one of my biggest takeaways from my experience at Skillsoft.

I’m going to be very honest — this is my first time working at a company like Skillsoft. My previous internships were at public relations agencies. I was nervous about joining Skillsoft because I was afraid that I would get bored. I enjoyed balancing different clients in various industries in an agency setting. At my previous internship, the agency mainly had clients in beauty and hospitality. Every day, there was something new and exciting to work on. Our spa client was inviting my bosses and I to free vampire facials (life seriously could not have been better). However, with several different clients and a growing number of projects, the sweet perks quickly lost their appeal. I have grown to appreciate the depth of work I get to do at Skillsoft.

So, let’s rewind. What makes Communications sometimes “unsexy”?

There are so many different industries. And yet, there is a misconception that Communications only play a role in the beauty, fashion, hospitality, sports, and entertainment industry. However, Communications is critical for organizations across all are a key part of multiple sectors, especially government, health, non-profit and corporations.

I get it. The life of a big-shot sports publicist is cool, but I also say working in the corporate realm has its perks. I would even recommend that everyone who is interested in a Communications career has at least one experience working in house for a B2B corporation. Why?

Sure, the material may seem mundane and the clients are not “real-life” people but instead companies and the customers they serve. And, I will be the first to admit that some of things I work on are not the most thrilling like creating a media list of compliance analysts or drafting a media pitch for reporters covering the residential real estate market. Not the most exciting content, but I promise you can learn a lot. And more importantly, these opportunities enable you to learn so much about the business world. Communications objectives support business objectives. When you understand how a business works, it enables you to understand how your role of Communications is needed.

I know, my mind was blown too. This is the realization that I came to two weeks into my internship. I was at my desk eating breakfast and it hit me.

Figure 1: Beth’s Epiphany Desk

This is my epiphany that I share with you today.

I have learned so much during my time here at Skillsoft, and I hope I can continue to share some more of these insights with you all during my journey.

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