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Perspectives 2018: The Age of Learning On-Demand

By Tara O’Sullivan

Skillsoft Perspectives 2018

“Instant gratification takes too long.”  — Carrie Fisher

I love that we live in an age where almost everything is available on demand. The idea that we are still restricting learning opportunities makes absolutely no sense.Read more

Blended Learning: Why It Is Important To Mix It Up

By Norm Ford

Blended Learning in Compliance Training

Today I want to talk about blended learning, the third component of successful compliance training. So far, as part of a six-part series on this topic, I have discussed the vital role alignment and a risk-based approach play in the design, implementation, and realization of an effective and successful compliance program.Read more

Setting the Right Tone At the Top

Setting the Right Tone At the Top

By Norm Ford

“Sticking with the idea that an individual person’s standard of what’s right or wrong is affected by the persons with whom he or she associates, I can’t stress enough the importance of the tone that is established at the top of any organization.Read more

Failing Fast and Succeeding

Wendy Sachs

By Wendy Sachs

Big trends have a way of touching all of us. From tattoos to Birkenstocks to gay marriage, certain ideas, products, and political movements have an uncanny ability to reach critical mass and then gain acceptance, folding into the fabric of our collective culture.Read more