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The 4 Languages of Learning at SDL


By Tony Glass

When was the last time you conducted an employee survey? This powerful benchmarking exercise took place at the global content management and language solutions company SDL late last year. It came as no surprise to the business that the findings revealed a lack of strategic intent around learning and development (L&D).Read more

Talent Analytics in Practice [Infographic]

By Kieran King

At 2015 Global Skillsoft Perspectives, Skillsoft brought together five of the world’s most prominent talent analytics experts to share insights about the current state of analytics and practical suggestions for evolving organizational capabilities. Here is what they had to say:




Talent Analytics_ Tips from the SME's by Skillsoft












































































Kieran King is global vice president of loyalty strategy and corporate development at Skillsoft.Read more

Skillsoft Aligns Learning to Business Goals for Tangible Results at Sprint

By Kieran King

We’ve had the opportunity to work for a number of years with Sprint, the world-class telecommunication firm with approximately 36,000 employees that undergo continual learning and training. We’ve partnered with Sprint’s learning and development entity, Sprint University, to close performance gaps and attain measurable talent improvement results that align back to the organization’s business goals.Read more

Understanding the Effectiveness of Learning Programs with Skillsoft’s Impact Analysis

By Wendy Duffy

One of the challenges of implementing and executing a learning program is
being able to evaluate and validate its impact on employees and the organization as a whole. One tool we’ve developed to ease this pressure put on learning and development teams, and aid in justifying investments to executives and other stakeholders, is our Impact Analysis.Read more

Improving the ROI of Employee and Manager Training: a Case Study

By Kristin Thomas

Fun fact: in 2011, U.S. Organizations spent $156.2 billion on employee learning and development, and that cost rose by a staggering 12% in 2012. Two years later, there’s no question of the value of continuous learning and development for your staff and management, but how can you maximize learning’s impact to see the greatest return for your organization?Read more