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Introducing the Collaborative Leader from the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program

In today’s business world, the collaboration between teams, and across functional areas, is essential. Working together to set and achieve common organizational goals is key to success. To encourage that level of cooperation, business professionals need to learn to lead collaboratively.Read more

Exciting News: Skillsoft Wins Brandon Hall Group’s 2019 Excellence in Technology Awards

Brandon Hall Group (BHG), a research and analyst firm, provides research, data and expertise in the human capital management space.  Each year, they recognize the best technology solution providers in learning, talent management, talent acquisition, HR, workforce management and sales enablement organization with their Excellence in Technology Awards.Read more

The 6 Themes that will Impact the Future of L&D in New Zealand

The 6 Themes that will Impact the Future of L&D in New Zealand

As a profession, L&D is undergoing extraordinary change. L&D professionals must determine how best to manage these seismic transformations both personally and professionally. A recent gathering of over 40 L&D professionals in locations across New Zealand was the ideal setting for reflection, brainstorming and sharing of how individual organisations are shaping their responses and strategies to manage the impact of technology and other agents of change in the industry.Read more