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Blended Learning: Why It Is Important To Mix It Up

By Norm Ford

Blended Learning for Compliance Training

Today I want to talk about blended learning, the third component of successful compliance training. So far, as part of a six-part series on this topic, I have discussed the vital role alignment and a risk-based approach play in the design, implementation, and realization of an effective and successful compliance program.

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What I Learned at Learning Technologies 2018

What I Learned at Learning Technologies 2018

By Steve Wainwright

If there is any doubt that L&D is moving towards a digital world, a cursory glance around the Learning Technologies 2018 event last week will eradicate that viewpoint. Most of the vendors, the speakers, and the attendees were talking about one thing – technology and how to make learning truly digital is a key L&D challenge.

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Modern Learning Content is What Modern Learners Need, But Do They Get It?


By Laura Overton

Find Out in Our Latest In-Focus Report ‘Modern Learning Content: For Modern Workers’ Which Explores Learning Content That Will Keep Them Motivated and Excited.

Our data revealed that the modern learners can make quick decisions about how and where they learn based on what they need to do their job better.

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Percipio: A “Human Intelligent” Learning Platform

By Apratim Purakayastha

Earlier this year Josh Bersin examined in detail the recent changes to the world of corporate learning. Given the sheer size of the industry – the corporate L&D industry is over $140 billion in size, while the marketplace for college degrees, professional development, and secondary education around the world is around $300 billion – the stakes are high and anyone involved in the industry must not only recognize, but also respect the ways it is radically transforming.

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