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Percipio: A “Human Intelligent” Learning Platform

By Apratim Purakayastha

Earlier this year Josh Bersin examined in detail the recent changes to the world of corporate learning. Given the sheer size of the industry – the corporate L&D industry is over $140 billion in size, while the marketplace for college degrees, professional development, and secondary education around the world is around $300 billion – the stakes are high and anyone involved in the industry must not only recognize, but also respect the ways it is radically transforming.Read more

Looking inside – Skillsoft and MIT launch new research initiative into the science of learning.

By Heide Abelli and Mark Onisk

Skillsoft and MIT launch new research initiative into the science of learning

Have you ever wondered what makes one instructional video interesting and another not so much? Anecdotally, we might chalk this up to the “interest factor” to the presentation capabilities of the instructor, or the nature of the subject matter or perhaps even the length of the video.Read more

Learning is a Continuous Journey

A recent article published in Workforce Magazine indicates that learning investments are on the rise and receiving a higher degree of attention from executives.  Larger budgets and increased interest from the C-Suite are critical reasons why today’s learning programs need to generate measureable results.Read more

Designing Outcomes-Based Corporate Learning Programs

Designing Outcomes-Based Corporate Learning Programs

We’re pleased to bring you a short series by Kristin Thomas, Certified ROI Professional and Skillsoft Learning Consultant, covering the “why, what, where and how” of measuring learning. Today’s post, third in the series, covers “where to begin,” in terms of designing outcomes-based programs. Read more

Skillsoft Enables Customers to Achieve Strategic Learning Program Objectives

In today’s fast-paced business world, every organization has
its own unique set of objectives and challenges with their strategic learning
programs. These can include employee engagement and retention, skills
development, staffing, compliance, cost optimization and more. Here at
Skillsoft, we are thrilled to regularly see customers take a strategic approach
to learning by working with our team to implement programs that are tuned to
meet specific needs of their employees while also supporting organizational
objectives.Read more

How to Measure Corporate Learning – Learning Metrics Defined

How to Measure Corporate Learning - Learning Metrics Defined

ROI analysis is the elephant in the room for many L&D leaders. We know it’s expected of us, but how do we really address it?  It’s all in how we design our programs – if they’re designed to achieve a specific ROI number, impact measure or performance goal, we can easily answer the question.Read more