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Audiobooks: Listening to Learn

Audiobooks: Listening to Learn

In Management Challenges for the 21st Century, the great Peter Drucker, revered as the father of modern management, said that “there are readers and there are listeners.” In other words, some individuals process information more successfully by reading, while others respond best by listening.Read more

Failing Fast and Succeeding

Wendy Sachs

By Wendy Sachs

Big trends have a way of touching all of us. From tattoos to Birkenstocks to gay marriage, certain ideas, products, and political movements have an uncanny ability to reach critical mass and then gain acceptance, folding into the fabric of our collective culture.Read more

Skillsoft Off the Shelf virtual book club—a new way to learn, share ideas and champion a culture…

By Mark Onisk

In a HBR piece, John Coleman says, “Reading is an essential component of leadership development. I’ve argued the benefits of reading extensively at HBR – broad and deep reading habits can sharpen intelligence, make you a better communicator, and improve emotional intelligence, among other benefits.”

He then goes on to elaborate the many reasons why he is such a big proponent of workplace book clubs, including what is probably my favorite reason, and that is how through group discussion we can gain a more diverse perspective.Read more

Why technical competency isn’t (and was never) enough

By John Sonmez


“Listen to the menu options, before making a selection.”

“Push 1 if you’d like to know our business hours.”

“Push 2 if you have a problem with one of products starting with the letter A.”

“Push 3 if you have a problem with billing on your account.”

“Push 4 if you would rather walk barefoot through flames than listen to another automated message.”

Does this sound familiar?Read more

From “Big” Data to Just Data

By the Mind Commerce staff 

Today, we refer to “Big” Data because it relates to the huge challenge (and opportunity) to deal with unstructured data from many sources.  However, the world of tomorrow will have better structure to deal with unstructured data as well as structured data. Read more