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Do You Think Your Executives Won’t Use e-Learning? Think again.

By Kieran King

While the tsunami of information available on the internet may seem like a goldmine, it is costly to find the bit of information that you need when you need it.  In fact, in the paper, “How Executives Stay Informed: A Study of Resources Used and Time Spent Locating Critical Business Information” by Bersin & Associates revealed just how intense this problem is.Read more

“Five Fallacies About the Role of Learning Content in Talent Management” Explores How…

While the industry is beginning to develop a better understanding of how learning impacts talent management, a number of false perceptions still exist. The greatest myth is that learning exists separate from the other components of an organization’s talent management strategy.Read more

Creating Effective Learning Cultures

Studies show that making learning a priority can positively affect your organization in a number of ways. Employee engagement improves and there is higher retention and satisfaction. Business processes also become more efficient and streamlined, resulting in a higher ROI and long-term success.  Read more

Decrease Time and Increase Impact with Targeted Learning

The amount of e-learning content available to learners grows every day. There are books, videos, courses, articles, and case studies that go on at length on hundreds of relevant workplace training topics. It’s no wonder that learners become overwhelmed at the variety and volume of information available to them.Read more

SAP to Buy SuccessFactors

By John Ambrose

This weekend’s announcement by SAP that it was buying SuccessFactors for $3.4 billion (almost 10x 2011 revenues) has generated a lot of industry analysis and blog posts.  History will judge the ultimate transformative effect of this deal but clearly SAP has thrown down the gauntlet at the feet of every other large traditional software/services vendor.Read more