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Cloudy with a chance of clear skies ahead

Between blog
posts by book publisher Tim O’Reilly,
and the recent announcement by Google
about the pending release of the Google Editions ebook store, there has been a
lot of talk recently about “books on the cloud” and the concept of a “cloud
library.”  The terms are borrowed from the broader “cloud computing”
concept, which encompasses a wide range of managed services, including;
software as a service (SaaS), software on demand, and platform as a service
(PaaS) technologies.Read more


Many training organizations I speak with are intrigued by
Enterprise 2.0 technologies and their promises for creating a viral
collaborative community within the organization.  At last count, there
were more than 400 companies out there touting ‘e2.0 technologies’ … everything
from wiki and blog products, to products that promise a safe Facebook-like or
Twitter-like platform that can be rolled out behind your firewall.Read more

Book Review: Aligning Training for Results



We are constantly adding new titles to our Books24x7,On Demand reference collections.   For example, the new book Aligning Training For Results: A Process and Tools That Link Training to Business by Ron Drew Stone (© 2009, Pfeiffer) was recently added to the BusinessPro collection.   Read more