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Managing Health and Safety in the Workplace

Managing Workplace Health and Safety

By Pete Fisher

In 2014/15 the UK’s HSE reported that 1.2 million working people suffered from a work-related illness and 142 workers were killed at work.

Reducing these statistics are part of a number of reasons that exist for effectively managing health and safety in your business no matter how large or small your operation is, but two key reasons are simply:

  1. It’s the law.Read more

More Changes to the Harassment Training Regulations in California

By Charlie Voelker, Esq.

The California Fair Employment and Housing Council recently amended the Fair Employment and Housing Act’s (FEHA) regulations related to the state’s harassment training mandate for supervisors. At a high level, the most significant change for employers is a new “affirmative duty to take reasonable steps to prevent and promptly correct discriminatory and harassing conduct.” (Cal.Read more

Anti-trust and Competition: Two Sides of the Story

By Mike Newton 

There are really two sides to anti-trust and competition, encompassing a scale from organisational responsibility through to individual HR implications.

At one extreme we have the Cartels whereby businesses agree not to compete with each other but as these are often verbal, it is notoriously difficult to uncover unless you are aware of the signs.Read more

September is National Food Safety Education Month

By Janiece Attal

The Partnership for Food Safety Education, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Food and Drug Administration have come together since 1994 to educate both consumers and food establishments of the myths in food safety.Read more

Keeping up with New Regulations of Food Allergies in the UK

Susan_AlexanderBy Susan Alexander

In reaction to the new allergen regulations[1] introduced in December last year, you’ll have read the outcry in the media, especially from top chefs and food business owners:

“There’s too much red tape!”

“These regulations are stifling our creativity and spontaneity in cooking!”

“We can never train our staff to comply with all this extra paperwork!”  

But are these claims true?Read more

Anti-Corruption training remains top-of-mind for 2015

By Charlie Voelker

Corruption is proving again to be a key focus for compliance leaders in 2015. With the recent increase in FCPA investigations and the tightening of anti-corruption legislation around the globe, a strong compliance program is more important than ever.Read more

Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions Gives Back

By Norman Ford

The compliance team loves to give back. After Skillsoft’s annual Global Sales Meeting (GSM), our Knoxville team hosted a similar event to recap and align for the coming year. As part of this event, we pooled our resources and donated a couple hours of our time to a very important charity in our area.Read more

6 Ways to Ease into the New UK Care Certificate Standards

By Eugene Van Biert 

The Care Certificate, due to be rolled out across the UK this April, now looms large in the minds of all care providers.

Whether in a hospital setting, or residential or domiciliary care, the certificate is intended to provide employees with an essential understanding of the basic building blocks of care, as well as the skills required to deliver it on the frontline.Read more

Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions – State of the Union

By Eugene Van Biert

At Skillsoft, learning is not only what we do; rather, it’s what we’re all about! As a pioneer in the field of learning, Skillsoft has long-pursued the vision of improving the performance of our clients by improving the performance of their people.Read more

Get to Know Personal Privacy Laws

By Catherine Nolan

In the past year, new laws and regulations have been enacted around Data Privacy. These new laws reflect a worldwide desire for personal privacy and a reaction to the recent disclosures of data breaches and identity theft.Read more