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Blended Learning: Why It Is Important To Mix It Up

By Norm Ford

Blended Learning in Compliance Training

Today I want to talk about blended learning, the third component of successful compliance training. So far, as part of a six-part series on this topic, I have discussed the vital role alignment and a risk-based approach play in the design, implementation, and realization of an effective and successful compliance program.Read more

How Do You Make Your Employees Safe?

By John Arendes

A recent EEOC Select Task Force on the study of Harassment in the Workplace is an extensive look inside what are often tawdry, offensive, unfair and hurtful work environments.  It serves many purposes, one of which reminds us that the recent rash of very public situations of harassment are neither unique nor confined to ‘men of power’; workplace harassment is, in fact, endemic, pervasive and nothing new.Read more

The Risk Based Approach to a Successful Compliance Training Program

The Risk Based Approach to a Successful Compliance Training Program

Last month I spoke about the six themes that repeatedly appear in discussions around successful compliance programs; six categories that each month we are looking at individually and in greater detail. I covered alignment last time, so today I want to look at the issue of the risk based approach to compliance.Read more

Dignity Action Day 2016

Photo_RekhaBy Dr Rekha Elaswarapu

Dignity and respect are the fundamental principles for all types of care provision whether in care homes or people’s own homes. Dignity is a human right that represents the self-worth of an individual.Read more

Why an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Should Include More Than Natural Disasters

By Eric Matson

Compliance training has always had the mission of keeping people safe, and part of that is helping your employees know what to do in an emergency situation. While it is never pleasant to think about worst-case scenarios, it is vastly important to have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) in place.Read more

Keeping up with New Regulations of Food Allergies in the UK

Susan_AlexanderBy Susan Alexander

In reaction to the new allergen regulations[1] introduced in December last year, you’ll have read the outcry in the media, especially from top chefs and food business owners:

“There’s too much red tape!”

“These regulations are stifling our creativity and spontaneity in cooking!”

“We can never train our staff to comply with all this extra paperwork!”  

But are these claims true?Read more

The Regulated World of Alcohol Beverages

By Janiece Attal

If you’ve ever worked in an establishment that sells and serves alcohol, then you’ve probably had to go through some sort of formal training. Just like the world of food safety training, alcohol training is complex and there are many misconceptions about what it means to sell or serve alcohol.Read more

World Health Day

By Janiece Attal

Every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) holds a World Health Day focusing on a new topic each year. This year, the focus is on food safety. The WHO estimates that every year there are 2 million deaths every year from contaminated food or drinking water.Read more

Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions Gives Back

By Norman Ford

The compliance team loves to give back. After Skillsoft’s annual Global Sales Meeting (GSM), our Knoxville team hosted a similar event to recap and align for the coming year. As part of this event, we pooled our resources and donated a couple hours of our time to a very important charity in our area.Read more