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Impact – My one word answer

When learning impacts lives, everyone is a winner.

By Heide Abelli


When people ask me why I joined Skillsoft, my answer is simple: impact. As the largest provider of corporate training, we are enabling millions of global learners build their knowledge, capabilities and skill sets so they in turn can be stronger contributors to the organizations that employ them.Read more

What is the Learnerprise? The Road To Collective Understanding

By Shawn Hunter

Research Shows Corporate Training Budgets Are Misaligned
Although 64% of Learning Executives Believe Informal Learning
Approaches Have Higher Impact, More Than Two-Thirds of Corporate Training
Budgets Are Spent on Traditional Formal Training
– Bersin &

Props to Dan Pontefract who pretty
much inspired this whole post about the mashup of Andy McAfee’s Enterprise 2.0 notion
and Learning 2.0.Read more