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Are people the weakest link in cyber security?

By Tony Glass

Are people the weakest link in cyber security?

Yes. Find out why with our Are people the weakest link in cyber security webinar on Wednesday, October 11th

One of the most recent and largest corporate data breaches demonstrated a number of things, not the least of which is just how much human error can contribute to an organisation falling victim to a cyberattack.Read more

It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month!


By Tony Glass

As part of an EU campaign designed to promote IT security through education, sharing of good practices and increasing individual and as organizational awareness of cyber security, October is European Cyber Security Month.Read more

Cyber Security Awareness Training Goes Global at BAE Systems

By Harriet Vivian

Cyber security is a day-to-day consideration for most organisations, but for BAE Systems it is a critical competence. As the provider of some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions, the company already employs cutting edge detection and prevention measures.Read more

Complimentary webinar: Building the Next Generation of Cyber Defenders

Today’s cyber
attacks are targeting the intellectual property and economic foundations of organizations
in every industry, vertical and country. The need protect against cyber crime
is very real.

Find the right
talent to protect against cyber threats
Join Jim Hemgen, Chief Learning Officer, WrightRobbins and Jim
Wiggins, Principal, Securable, LLC for a webinar that will discuss the types of
knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary to empower your cyber
defenses.Read more