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Books24x7 Book Review: Summer Reading

By Pam Boiros, Vice President of Product Management, Books 24×7

As the weather warms up and we get into the long, hot days of summer, many of us turn our attentions to vacations, cookouts, and beach days.  A favorite vacation and beach activity is catching up on accumulated reading – whether attacking that stack of magazines that has piled up, or digging into the latest novel. Read more

Books24x7 Book Review: What’s Next, Gen X? Keeping Up, Moving Ahead, and Getting the Career You…

By Pam Boiros

As member of Generation X – typically defined as those now thirty- and forty-somethings born between 1965 and 1979—I was intrigued by the title of the recent book What’s Next, Gen X?—Keeping Up, Moving Ahead, And Getting The Career You Want by Tamara Erickson (© 2010, Published by Harvard Business Press).Read more

Rethinking e-Learning on an International Scale

By John Ambrose

In their book, The Power of Pull, authors John Hagel, John Seely Brown, and Lang Davison observe that the Great Depression was a catalyst for the last “Big Shift” in business.  “As individuals and firms wrestled with rapidly intensifying performance pressures, they began to embrace the capabilities of the new infrastructures of their day – and to rethink how they did things accordingly,” they write.Read more

What’s your organization’s “Outward Facing” social media strategy?

By Jim Zimmermann

There are two main categories of enterprise social media – inward facing for interaction among employees, and outward facing for interacting with customers, business partners and the general public. Inward facing social media tools include SkillSoft’s inGenius, which facilitates social learning and collaboration.Read more