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KnowledgeBoosters: Fundamentals of a Learning Organization

By Russ Howard

Today’s topic from the KnowledgeBoosters* series provides tips for building a learning culture and describes how it can bring value to your organization.

Organizational learning

There are three distinct levels of learning in organizations, and to be successful and sustainable, learning needs to occur on all three levels.Read more

KnowledgeBoosters: Rebuilding Trust

By Russ Howard

A few months ago, we introduced our series of KnowledgeBoosters.  These posts are skills development tips and techniques delivered in “quick hit” fashion – we know you’re busy so we want to keep them short but useful! Read more

Does e-learning move the needle? Undoubtedly.

By Kieran King

In the “new normal” economy, many question the ability of learning (and e-learning) to impact real results.  As a result, they may pull back on funding, staffing, and sponsorship.  This is an understandable course of action for those who are not informed. Read more

An E-Learning Tale of Two Companies: “Are you normal?”

By Kieran King


Clients often ask SkillSoft what kind of adoption they can expect to see from e-learning — whether it is to understand how many licenses they will need to start an e-learning program, or as a way to gauge “what’s normal” for a program that has been installed for years.  Read more

Rethinking e-Learning on an International Scale

By John Ambrose

In their book, The Power of Pull, authors John Hagel, John Seely Brown, and Lang Davison observe that the Great Depression was a catalyst for the last “Big Shift” in business.  “As individuals and firms wrestled with rapidly intensifying performance pressures, they began to embrace the capabilities of the new infrastructures of their day – and to rethink how they did things accordingly,” they write.Read more

How to ‘Trick Out’ Your e-Learning Courseware

By Tim Hildreth

My 16-year old son has just started taking driver’s ed and he’s already talking about how he’s going to – in his words – “trick out” his car (his non-existent car, mind you, but when you’re 16 and thinking about driving, the actual existence or lack thereof of a car, is beside the point!).Read more

Innovations in Learning: e Learning Comes of Age at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

We are pleased to bring you the first of a new series of guest blog posts written by the winners of our 2010 Innovations in Learning Awards.  We recognized these customers in an award ceremony on May 19, 2010 at our Perspectives conference. Read more