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Using L&D to Stand Out in a Crowded Tech Marketplace

By Kevin Young

UK technology businesses are under huge pressure to differentiate themselves from competitors, and there’s a growing recognition among cloud service providers that innovative products and solutions are just part of the story when it comes to winning – and keeping – customers.Read more

Thought Leader Insight: Laci Loew on Business Performance via Elearning

Skillsoft: What’s the most popular business performance improvement that organizations experience with successful elearning?

Laci: Movement on critical business metrics, particularly engagement and retention. It starts with a reduction in training costs, global reach and scalability. In innovative formats, elearning enables peer-to-peer collaboration, moment-of-need knowledge and learner-generated content.Read more

Why Rapid Deployment of Training Matters for Temporary/Seasonal Employees

Why Rapid Deployment of Training Matters for Temporary/Seasonal Employees

The holidays are a busy time for retailers, and with the increase in purchases, comes an increase in the risk of identity theft and payment card fraud. For many merchants, the holiday season requires the hiring of temporary employees; yet, despite the “hustle and bustle,” retailers should not overlook the need to train employees – both temporary and full-time – on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) requirements.Read more

New Training Content Supporting Revisions to Cisco Certification

By Tim Hildreth

As part of our collaboration with networking powerhouse Cisco, we’ve developed new elearning content for the recent revisions to their highly-coveted Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching certification. With the new content developed and already available for existing and potential CCNP Routing and Switching certified professionals, we’re proud to have the necessary online IT training resources in place to help learners quickly master new skills and materials.Read more

Skillsoft Aligns Learning to Business Goals for Tangible Results at Sprint

By Kieran King

We’ve had the opportunity to work for a number of years with Sprint, the world-class telecommunication firm with approximately 36,000 employees that undergo continual learning and training. We’ve partnered with Sprint’s learning and development entity, Sprint University, to close performance gaps and attain measurable talent improvement results that align back to the organization’s business goals.Read more

Take It from TECO: The Importance of Elearning Context and Alignment

Customer Spotlight on TECO

By Jeff Rogers

We at TECO Energy, Inc., an energy-related holding company based out of Tampa, Fla., recognized a need to get training and development to the front-line supervisors overseeing our nearly 4,000 team members.Read more