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Why Make A Resolution When You Can Form A Habit?

Ann_cantrellBy Ann Cantrell

Chances are that your news feed (like mine) has been filled with inspirational and motivational articles focused on New Year’s resolutions and overall self-improvement. Each year we approach the New Year as a blank slate on which we can redefine our futures.Read more

Learn (and Win) Like a Professional Football Player

Ann cantrellBy Ann Cantrell

NFL players participate in blended learning. Who would have thought it! Imagine a typical week during an NFL season. Players spend countless hours reviewing film – critiquing their own mistakes and studying their upcoming opponent.Read more

70:20:10: from Courses to Campaigns

Kevin Young HeadshotBy Kevin Young

Charles Jennings, a leading thinker and practitioner in learning and performance, will share practical ways to implement and exploit the 70:20:10 learning framework in the complimentary webinar on 14 October.Read more

Vote for Skillsoft in the Best of Elearning!

By Pam Boiros

Elearning! Magazine is one of the top publications for the technology-enabled learning market.  Annually, they sponsor a one-of-a-kind awards program, Best of Elearning!, which is based on nominations from actual learning and development leaders — and end users — for the best learning platforms and products in the enterprise learning industry. Read more

Leadership Lessons from Top Performing Learning Organizations

By Kevin Young

Discover how global L&D leaders are harnessing technology to modernize learning – and generating impressive improvements in productivity and staff engagement. Join our complimentary webinar to hear from Laura Overton, Managing Director of Towards Maturity, who will be sharing key findings and trends from the 2015-16 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report.Read more

CEB Features Skillsoft Resources in New Book “The Challenger Customer”

Pam_croppedBy Pam Boiros

The smart folks at CEB, have recently published a new book The Challenger Customer. The Challenger Customer picks up where their previous book, The Challenger Sale left off, showing that being a Challenger seller isn’t enough – Sales and Marketing need to work together to find and target a Challenger inside the customer organization – a Mobilizer.Read more