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By James Hanson


What began in 1945 Brisbane as a small engineering consultancy firm has grown into a global professional infrastructure, environmental services and international development company delivering projects in more than 100 countries and employing around 6,000 people worldwide.Read more

3 Ways to Get Your CEO to Care about Employee Engagement

By Ben Eubanks

3 Ways to Get Your CEO to Care about Employee Engagement

It seems that you can’t turn around today without having a conversation that touches on employee engagement. Yet despite all the attention, the needle hasn’t moved.

Surveys. Tools. Methodologies. All are promoted as a way to create or drive worker engagement.Read more

WEBINAR: Engaging and Motivating Employees During Demanding Times

Kevin Young HeadshotBy Kevin Young

Keeping staff morale high during tough times is a problem facing many UK businesses. But a highly motivated workforce is the key to thriving and surviving in today’s global economy.

Employee engagement in the workplace has been shown to be pivotal to an organisation’s ability to pull through hard times.Read more

PGA: Harnessing the Value of Tradition-based Culture with Contemporary Attitudes Through Elearning

When it comes to organizational culture, breaking with tradition can be a tall order. That is especially true when that organization is the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA).

Pga_new golfers

Several years ago, the golf industry was facing a decline in golf participation and the number of rounds played.Read more

‘Tis the Season to Engage

By the Skillsoft EMEA team

As the holidays approach, Argos is one of the first retailers to announce its plans to recruit around 10,000 seasonal workers[1] and they won’t be the last. Hiring extra support for the busiest shopping period of the year can be a challenge but so can motivating these temporary staff members who may not feel fully integrated into the company.Read more

Lights, Camera, Wait … You Work Here, Too?

By Candy Osborne, Sr.
Marketing Manager, Skillsoft

Not unlike other large organizations, I have often found
myself at the water cooler talking with a co-worker that I never knew existed
and am even further dismayed to learn that we’ve worked in the same building
for five years and our paths never crossed.Read more

Is Your Staff Truly Engaged?

Each working day your employees come into the office
and work diligently to keep your customers happy, but are you sure you’re
making them feel like a valued and vital asset to the business?  Have you
honestly taken a moment to step back and take a look at whether you’re truly
engaging your staff?Read more

Telecommuting for Increased Employee Engagement?

By Candy Osborne,
Senior Marketing Manager, Skillsoft

became aware of an article in a recent Skillsoft®
Analyst Perspectives™
that led me to proverbially pen this post. The CIO Insight article Nine ‘Best Practices’ For Telecommuting
hits close to home for me as a telecommuter.Read more